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True Anti-aging Secrets Part II

Updated on November 20, 2009
I am 52 years young
I am 52 years young

Increasing Collegan/ firming Skin all over

Nearly two decades ago I was working in the holistic medicine section in Whole Foods Markets when an elderly lady approached and asked for a specific product. When I told her we were out she bame visibly upset and said; I quote, "I need that product, it makes my butt hard!" lol.

Well needless to say I was anxious to try it myself when it came in and I will tell you; it works! But more about that later. Let's pick up where we left off on part (1) of Ant aging secrets.

Topical creams don't work as collagen molecules can't penetrate the epidermal layer of skin to reach the Dermal layer (true skin) to make any long lasting or permanent difference in the skin. In addition these topical products can cause follicle/ pore blockage causing more problems..

We also discussed the importance of essential nutrients and good circulation to increase blood flow to the skins surface.

Picture, if you will, nutrient rich blood flowing through your veins; increased circulation pumping it to the surface to nourish skin, hair and nails, your end organs.

So now you're taking a real vitamin, like the one at , drinking plenty of water and doing a little cardio 3 times a week. You see a better complexion but still see sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. You need to increase collagen to increase firmness.

What exactly is collagen and it's role in the body?

Collagen is fibrous protein found in skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones. Think of it as 'knitting' the skin together.

To give you an idea of how important collagen is, here is a list of the five types of collagen, and where they are used in the body.

· Type 1 - Connective tissue of skin, bone, teeth, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organ capsules

· Type 2 - Cartilage

· Type 3 - Connective tissue of our organs (liver, spleen, kidneys, etc.)

· Type 4, 5 - The separating layer between epithelial and endothelial cells as well as between skeletal or smooth muscle cells (basal lamina), kidney glomeruli, lens capsule, and Schwann and glial cells of the nervous system.

As you can see, collagen is everywhere in the body, and vitamin C plays a role in the formation of collagen.

When collagen is produced, there is a complex series of events, some occurring inside of the cell, and some outside of the cell. Vitamin C is active inside of the cell, where it hydroxylates (adds hydrogen and oxygen) to two amino acids: proline and lysine. This helps form a precursor molecule called procollagen that is later packaged and modified into collagen outside of the cell. Without vitamin C, collagen formation is disrupted, causing a wide variety of problems throughout the body.

Smoking drinking alcohol and medications such as birth control and other streroid meds, thin the skin and cause wrinkles, all over.

There is an agressive 1-2-3 system for attacking sagging skin, wrinkles and cellulite.

1. Increase muscle,strength and circulation in the body with cardio and muscle building workouts.

My routine is very simple: 3 times a week I walk 10 minutes to the gym, use the leg press machine, the ab machine and the 'Butt blaster' then walk back for 10 minutes. If you don't live close to a gym then park 10 minutes away. You'll get sufficient cardio and muscle tone. Let's face it; muscle is just as sexy on a woman as a man!

2. A good food based vitamin for great energy/sleep cycles, and to give your skin and hair a healthy glow and keep your nails strong.

3. Count the veggies and fruit you eat each day to 5 and your glasses of water to 10. For fast results removing wrinkles and sagging skin; Liquid Collagen can't be beat. The absolutely best deal is a product call Lpp Liquid protein/collagen, not only is it the product that makes your 'butt hard', and gives you firmer skin all over, it's also packed with nutrients for your all over complexion. You may also notice better sleep and energy as it is loaded with amino acid.

So there it is! 3 steps to firm glowing skin all over! Super food based multi with skin healing herbs and1000 mg of Vitamin C, , Lpp Liquid Collagen found at,VitaminAisle, LLC and a simple workout.! You'll see incredible results in 10 to 30 days. Come back and let me know how much you love it!!

Look for part III of Anti-aging - doing a professional peel to remove Acne, scars,wrinkles and stretch marks


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