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Antique Gold Watch

Updated on December 27, 2012

Antique Gold Watch For You

The word antique always denote something that is historically involved, rare, and very ancient. It is also guaranteed of quality due to the fact that almost all products in the old days are hand-built. And regained its original craftsmanship and function, an antique of any kind has a never ending beauty and uniqueness. That is why very many collectors are charmed to acquiring and buying antique gold watch pieces however high the price is.

Buying or selling an antique gold watch requires a few learned details about watches. First of all is the fact that a watch is not gold inside and out. Only the case is either plated or filled with gold materials. The case is made of stainless steel that has been reinforced by lead, zinc, iron, copper, or tin. The gold is simply a layer soldered on the metal base of the case because the soft characteristic of a gold element prevents it to be molded into a durable case. The value of the antique gold watch is then associated to the thickness of the gold that is plated or filled in to the case of the watch.

The thickness of the gold layer is measured, and is the prime factor for its value. A gold-plated antique gold watch thickness may be within the thickness of .5 to 2.5 micron, while a gold-filled watch is around 200 times thicker. These micron tags can be found inside the back of the watch case, and this should be stamped. Commonly, 9k antique gold watch is associated with UK-brand watches and manufacturers while 10k and higher watches are known to be made in the United States. It is safe to say then that antique gold watch made from US is better in quality than those that were made from the UK, and thus are better priced.

For the gold case alone, jewelers offer rises to an automatic $750. The total price of the antique gold watch though is affected of other factors like the brand and the condition of the watch. If the brand is well-known in the industry, the watch is sure to get a better price. Also, if the condition is excellent, an even more handsome price can be expected. The otherwise can be expected for an antique gold watch that is not only low conditioned but made by not so known manufacturer or brand in the industry.

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