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Appearance Can Affect Professional, Financial and Relationship Success

Updated on September 7, 2014

Beautiful Skin

Flawless skin has a powerful impact on others.
Flawless skin has a powerful impact on others. | Source

Physical Appearance Matters

Research studies have shown that an attractive appearance can lead to financial, professional and relationship success. This finding should not surprise anyone. We live in a culture where emphasis is placed on facial appearance, body size and youthfulness. We unfairly judge people based on these attributes and reward them accordingly.

An attractive appearance can transform your life in America. People who were not born with natural beauty are prompted to improve their appearance with cosmetic procedures such as facial scrubs, teeth whitening, dental implants, liposuction, acne therapies, moisturizers, plastic surgery, breast and body lifts, anti-aging creams, skin peels and a host of beauty products and other procedures.

The advantages of smoother flawless skin, a small waistline, a whiter smile and other attributes that are considered ideal by American standards should not be underestimated.

A Bright Smile

A dazzling smile can work wonders.
A dazzling smile can work wonders. | Source
Whiter teeth will make a difference.
Whiter teeth will make a difference. | Source

Beautiful Eyes

Always focus on looking your best.
Always focus on looking your best. | Source

Whiter teeth will Improve Self Confidence

One research study revealed that individuals with whiter teeth are viewed as, “more attractive, confident, trustworthy and more likely to be financially successful.”[1]

In the above-mentioned study, professional success was rated at (68%), financial success (64%), and trustworthiness at (52%).

Other studies have also revealed that there is a correlation between appearance and occupational success.

Teeth whitening is one of the most significant ways of improving appearance. White teeth are associated with good health and cleanliness. Many people may simply assume that a whiter color means cleaner teeth. However, improvement in teeth hygiene may occur because many people who have their teeth professionally whitened usually try their best to maintain them by actually cleaning them more frequently. These individuals may floss more or brush their teeth several times per day in order to prevent them from reverting to their former condition.

Many dentists also believe that whiter teeth help to improve self esteem. Many dental advertisements that promote tooth whitening products or services conspicuously highlight the words “self esteem” “confidence” and “beauty.” Are these Dentists correct in their assertions that a whiter smile will provide consumers with higher self confidence?

According to (a manufacturer and retailer of teeth whitening products), research study conducted by Crest White strips in 2007 showed that a beautiful smile had an impact on how people are viewed socially and professionally.

Crest is not alone in its findings. There are scholarly articles that associate whiter teeth with youthfulness, beauty and increased self esteem.

A white smile can be seen from a distance and is often the first thing that other people notice about you. Whiter brighter teeth seem to add radiance and warmth to one’s personality.

People who spend their money to improve their smile may also try to make improvements in other areas. For example, after receiving compliments about a nice smile it is often common for women to go further by improving their skin tone to match their smile.

Attractive Professional Woman

Professional women should always look their best.
Professional women should always look their best. | Source
A clean cut look will help you to rise professionally.
A clean cut look will help you to rise professionally. | Source

Appearance and Professional Success

According to one expert; “There is growing evidence to suggest that appearance influences hiring decisions and even election results.” [2].

How does an attractive appearance lead to professional success? An employer may decide that a person with an attractive appearance may help to improve the business. The employer may conclude that employees who care about their own self image may care more about the quality of their work. This seems to make sense. An employee who is meticulous about how he or she looks may take pride in writing a quality report, may take pride in giving quality care to customers or take more pride in producing a high quality company product.

Employers are humans who may prefer to be surrounded by perfection. An employee with a confident clean looking smile may be chosen to help promote the business and may get pushed into more positions of greater responsibility. Outsiders may associate an attractive person with the overall company image.

Looking the part may help you to achieve it. If you look good, people may believe in you and agree that you are in fact the person that you are trying to project. [3]

Political candidates who stand out during an election may get votes because they look more likable. Most often their appearance is the only thing that is accessible to us as we never get to meet them of see them perform.

An unattractive appearance may cause you to lose you job. Yes! You can get fired for being unattractive! Under the doctrine of Employment at will, an employer can terminate you for any reason that does not violate the Constitution or State law. [4]. As such, brown teeth, a pimpled face, too many love handles, sagging breasts, uneven skin tone, poorly tailored clothing are legitimate grounds for termination from employment.

Business Growth
Business Growth | Source
Appearance can help you achieve success.
Appearance can help you achieve success. | Source

Financial Success and Appearance

According to CNN Money, a Federal Reserve Study found that good looking tall slim people tend to make more money than their plain Jane counterparts. The study discussed by CNN Money also highlighted the fact that attractive people made $5 hour more that unattractive people. Not surprising, CNN Money also reported that economists found that obese women earned 17% less than non obese women in 1981 and 1988 and that tall white men received a 1.8% increase in wages for every inch above the national average.

Customers are more likely to work with you and make purchases from you (depending on the nature of the business) if you look good. As such, you are more likely to get the big commissions simply by looking good. Men walking into department stores are more likely to seek help from attractive sales clerks who are paid by commissions. Fashion models are usually attractive people. They get paid very well just because they look good.

Financial success naturally flows from professional success. If you are successful in business more income is likely to flow into your life. Studies have shown that people who strive to look good also strive for self promotion.[5] Thus, if you look good you are more likely to promote yourself into a pay raise.

Appearance matters in America, even though many pretend to believe otherwise. The above-mentioned Federal Reserve study also shockingly revealed that even private sector law firms ( charged with advocating fairness on behalf of others) chose to hire more above-average looking employees to ensure the success of their own businesses.

Beautiful Bride & Handsome Groom

You looked perfect on your wedding day. Try to maintain this look.
You looked perfect on your wedding day. Try to maintain this look. | Source

Attractive Couple

Your relationship will last longer if you maintain your appearance.
Your relationship will last longer if you maintain your appearance. | Source

Relationship Success

Attractive people are definitely more pleasing to the eye and are more likely to get a second look from people around them.

Self confidence in appearance seem to promote romantic confidence.[6] An individual looking for a mate may conclude that a person who looks good may be a better lover, have the ability to produce more attractive children, maintain nicer homes or will make more effort to promote the relationship.

Each person may also have his or her own definition of what constitutes a successful relationship. A successful relationship to one person may mean having the ability to maintain a long lasting relationship. Relationship success to another may mean having the ability to attract the type of mate that one desires, even if the relationship does not last, as long as each relationship serves it purpose.

People who lack self confidence because they are unattractive are more likely to settle and tolerate behaviors that they really disapprove of. [7] An unattractive woman may be more likely to tolerate a cheating boyfriend or spouse because of fear she may be unable to find another based on how she looks or feels about herself.

Some people believe that looking good will keep the relationship strong. How often have couples accused each other of letting themselves go? How often have we heard others describe two people as "a nice couple " or "they look good together.?" Usually these comments are based on physical characteristics or appearances and have little to do with people's inner qualities.


Looking good does not have to be difficult.
Looking good does not have to be difficult. | Source

Makeup Application

Make-up will dramatically improve your appearance if applied correctly
Make-up will dramatically improve your appearance if applied correctly | Source
A skin peel can create the appearance of flawless skin.
A skin peel can create the appearance of flawless skin. | Source
Veneers can improve you smile.
Veneers can improve you smile. | Source
A buttock augmentation may be the right choice for you.
A buttock augmentation may be the right choice for you. | Source

Breast Augmentation

A breast lift will enhance the look of your breasts
A breast lift will enhance the look of your breasts | Source
Hair extension may be the choice for you
Hair extension may be the choice for you | Source
Hair implant and botox injections to the forehead could make you look like him.
Hair implant and botox injections to the forehead could make you look like him. | Source

Ways to improve appearance

Makeup: Makeup is the most common and affordable way of improving appearance. Makeup that is properly applied can dramatically improve your appearance. The professionals at high end department stores such as Bloomingdale's and Macy’s will teach you how to apply makeup.

Some helpful makeup products are:

  • Concealers: A concealer will hide age spots, dark spots, under eye darkness, redness, light scars and other blemishes. You should dab concealer to the area that need to be concealed. Apply more or less depending on your facial imperfections.
  • Foundation: Foundation will give you an even skin tone. Foundation will hide age spots, dark spots light scars and other blemishes but not as well as a concealer. Apply foundation after using a foundation You should apply foundation lightly. Foundation is available in liquid, creams, soufflés and powders. Have a sales associate at a cosmetic counter test a foundation on you before purchasing one.
  • Lipstick: Lip stick will improve your smile and make your lips appear fuller, more healthy and sexy.
  • Blush: Apply a small amount of blush with your make up. Blush will make you appear young and vibrant.
  • Eye shadow: Eye shadow will define and enhance your eyes. The proper eye shadow will complement the color of your eyes.
  • Eye liner: Eyeliners will make your eyes appear larger and more attractive. The sclera of your eyes will also look whiter, brighter and healthier.
  • Mascara: Mascara will emphasize the beauty of your eyes. Mascara will extend and darken your lashes for a dazzling effect.

Skin Peels: Skin peels are performed by applying some type of chemical to peel off old skin. A skin peel will make your skin appear radiant and feel smooth. Lines will also be less noticeable after a skin peel. Skin peels decrease acne and dark spots. Skin peels performed at spas have an average cost of $100. Skin peel performed by medical professionals may range from $200-$300.

Breast lift: A Breast lift will enhance and shape your appearance. A breast lift raises the breasts causing them to appear firmer and fuller. Breast lifts reduces the sagging caused by weight loss, aging or beast feeding. A breast lift will allow you to wear a bathing suit with more confidence. The cost of a breast a breast lift may range from $3000 to $11,000.

Face Lift: A face lift helps to the reduce signs of aging and will help you achieve a more youthful appearance. A face lift reshapes facial areas, removes extra fat, and tighten loose or sagging skin. The cost of a face lift may range from $6000-$25,000.

Tummy Tuck:A tummy tuck will sculpt and tone your abdomen. This procedure will reduce sagging skin, a protruding belly and tighten the abdominal muscles. A breast lift will make your mid section appear slimmer and firmer. The cost of a tummy tuck may range from $5000- $9000.

Cellulite Removal: Cellulite removal may improve the appearance of uneven skin caused by fat deposits. After this procedure your thighs, arms, abdomen breasts and other areas affected by cellulite will look better. Cellulite is best removed by surgery. Laser therapy and skin creams are also used but don’t seem to be as effective as surgery. Cellulite removal may require a series of treatments. The procedure may need to be repeated if there is recurrence. The cost of surgical cellulite removal may range from $2000-$7000.

Buttock Augmentation: A buttock augmentation will improve your appearance by helping to create a fuller more rounded buttock. This procedure transfers fats cells from other parts of the body to the buttock. The cost of a buttock augmentation may range from $3000-$5000.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are used to fill in gaps caused by missing teeth. Dental implants will create an attractive smile and improve your self esteem. Dental implants will prevent you from feeling self conscious about removing dentures at night with other people around. Prices for dental implants may start at approximately $450 per tooth.

Dental Veneers:Dental veneers will improve the appearance of chipped, discolored or properly aligned teeth. A dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain material placed over teeth. Most people will attest that this procedure drastically improves smile. Dental veneers may cost $700-$2000 per tooth.

Botox injections: Botox injections will improve or remove frown lines or other lines and improve your appearance. The injections may need to be repeated at specific time intervals. The average cost of one Botox injection is $400.

Hair implant:A hair transplant will address baldness and will create a more attractive youthful appearance. This procedure is more successful in men. During this procedure hair is simply grafted into the scalp. This procedure may cost $7000-$10,000.

Hair extensions: Hair extensions will add volume and a more attractive hair style. Hair extensions are available in clipped, wefts or pre-bonded styles. Hair may be human or synthetic. Pricing vary but expect to pay a minimum of $200 for an extensive salon job.

Beautiful Skin

Eliminate cellulite from your body for a beautiful radiant appearance.
Eliminate cellulite from your body for a beautiful radiant appearance. | Source

Cheek bone lift, mid face lift


* You must comply with your Commercial diet plan to achieve success.

* Always consult with a doctor before using a diet pill.

* To maintain your appearance exercise must be a part of your weekly routine.

* Never leave home without makeup.

You must follow your commercial diet plan to achieve success.
You must follow your commercial diet plan to achieve success. | Source

Attractive Woman

Dieting and exercise can get you into shape.
Dieting and exercise can get you into shape. | Source

Weight Loss

Research studies show that obesity and being overweight are associated with low self esteem. The low self esteem that results in adult obesity is linked to low self esteem that started during childhood.[8].

Therapy may be one way to address low self esteem. Weight loss is also a viable option.

There are many ways to lose weight.

Some of the more popular ways of losing weight are; commercial diets, diet pills, dance exercise, exercise machines and surgery.

Commercial Diet Plans

Commercial Diet are very popular. Commercial diets focus on some type of nutrient or calorie restriction to achieve weight loss. The nutrients most commonly adjusted are protein, fat or carbohydrates. For weight loss to be successful you must eat what you are told or eat meals that the program provides to you. Many diet plans have consultants online or via phone to help keep you on track.

Popular Commercial Diet Plans

Jenny Craig

Weight watchers

Dr. Atkins


South beach

Spark solution

Biggest loser


Diet Pills

Diet pills may help you lose weight and are available by prescription or over the counter. Diet pills usually work by acting as appetite suppressants, thermogenic fat regulators, carbohydrate blockers and thyroid regulators.

Appetite suppressants control your appetite so that you eat less thereby losing weight. Thermogenic fat burners increase metabolism and burn calories causing weight loss.

Carbohydrate blockers contain an ingredient called phaselous vulgaris. This ingredient blocks the starch digesting enzyme amylase thus preventing absorption of carbohydrates and causing weight loss.Thyroid regulators enhances your thyroid function and will help you lose weight. Diet pills may be obtained at Vitamin shops, online, GNC stores or pharmacies or grocery stores.

Prescription diet pills may help you to lose 5-10 percent of your body weight as long as you maintain a healthy life style. Always consult a physician before using any type of diet pills.

The table below contains some of the more popular diet pills.

Diet Pills

Thermogenic Fat Burners
Carb Blockers
Thyroid Regulators
Appetite Suppressants
Carb Stopper Extreme
Animal Cuts
Calories Burner 643
Thyrin ATC
Deters Cheating Caps
Thyroid Basics
7 Day weight loss pill
Lean System 7
Lypolyze e2
Natrol Carb Intercept
T3 Radical Metabolic Booster
BPI Sports Roxylean
Dietrine Carb Blocker
Myogenix Black Ops
Garcinia Cambogia
Mega-T Sculpt

Zumba Exercises

Zumba really works and does not feel like exercise.
Zumba really works and does not feel like exercise. | Source

Dance Exercise

Dance exercise is an effective and enjoyable way of exercising. You may join a club or buy DVDs. The DVDs may also come with recipes. Popular types of dance excercises are:

Zumba: Zumba incorporates dancing and aerobic exercises. Zumba uses squats and lunges, salsa, hip hop, mambo, samba, meringue and martial arts. I used Zumba to lose 10 lbs. It was the most effective form of exercise that I have ever tried. Zumba does not feel like exercise because dancing is enjoyable. You may buy the DVDs or enroll at a local Zumba club. I paid $100 for my Zumba DVDs.

Shaun -T: Shaun T uses maximum intensity body sculpting dance routines. This exercise plan offers different types of aerobic exercise routines utilizing dance movements. The DVDs include cardio and abdominal sculpting routines. Shaun -T offers a fast and furious 20 minute workout as well as an extreme makeover edition series. It also offers a popular “Hip Hop Abs.” This exercise plan has online support, a nutrition guide and a personal video trainer. The cost is approximately $70.00.

Beautiful Body

A simple surgical procedure may transform your body.
A simple surgical procedure may transform your body. | Source

Surgical weight Loss

Stomach Stapling (Gastric Sleeve Stapling): Gastric sleeve stapling is a surgical procedure that is done to make the stomach smaller. This is recommended for people who are extremely overweight. A smaller stomach will cause you to feel fuller more quickly thereby allowing you to lose weight. The stomach stapling procedure may cost $12,000 or more but some of the cost may be covered by insurance companies.

Lap Band: A lap band is a procedure that restricts the size of the stomach. A lap band is recommended for people who are extremely overweight. During this procedure an adjustable band is placed around the upper portion for the stomach. The band restricts the amount of food that you eat. Because you feel fuller faster and stay fuller longer you will lose weight. A lap band procedure may cost $10,000 to $30,000 or more but may be covered by your health insurance.

Liposuction: Liposuction is the removal of excess fat from specific body areas such as abdomen, thighs, and buttocks by a suction device. Removal of excess fat results in weight loss. A liposuction will slim and reshape your body. The average cost of an "area" liposuction is $2500.


Physically Fit Male Abdomen

Physically Fit Male Abdomen
Physically Fit Male Abdomen | Source

Exercise at the Gym

A stationary bike can help you burn calories resulting in weight loss
A stationary bike can help you burn calories resulting in weight loss | Source

Handsome Male

Make exercise part of your regular routine to stay looking good
Make exercise part of your regular routine to stay looking good | Source

Exercise Machines

Exercise machines will help you to lose weight. The equipment may be used in the privacy of your home or at a local gym. Some popular equipment are:

Treadmill: Running or walking on a treadmill is an effective method of losing weight. Treadmills allow you to tone your legs and thighs while you run in place. Many treadmills have timers and computers that tell you how much calories are being burnt, how fast you are running and how many miles you have achieved. Many treadmills will monitor your pulse rate while you exercise. Treadmills are usually well built machines. My treadmill has lasted over 15 years.

Bowflex tread climber: The Bowflex tread climber machine combines the functions of a treadmill and stair stepper. This machine causes weight loss by the continuous climbing motion of your body. This machine is said to burn fat and calories faster than a treadmill.

Stationary bikes: Stationary bikes allow you to cycle in place and lose weight. You can adjust the speed and level of resistance. The greater the cycling intensely of the bike, the more calories that are burnt.

Total Gyms:Total Gyms offers fat burning, cardio and a muscle building exercises and calorie burning functions. This equipment is capable of slow or intense exercise. As a user of a total gym, you get to change the incline to your comfort level, You also get to determine how vigorously you want to exercise.Total Gyms have computers that tells you how much weight loss has been achieved and how many calories are being burnt. A total gym machine can help you burn up 250 calories in half an hour.


The American culture values appearance. Don’t let poor appearance affect your professional, relationship and financial success. Maintain your body, exercise and get cosmetic help if needed. Remember that beauty can be attained even if you were not born with it.

Beautiful Woman

Don't hate her for being beautiful.
Don't hate her for being beautiful. | Source


[1] New Study Shows Whiter Teeth Can Lead to Greater Success in Work and Love. Individuals Seen as More Attractive, Confident, Trustworthy and Financially Successful with whiter Teeth. PRN News wire. Available from:

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Appearance Discrimination

Have you ever been treated in a negative manner based on your appearance?

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      I wanted to see one of your first articles.....well done! You are a very good writer, informative and yet not boring.

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