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Apple Green Dress

Updated on March 16, 2011

The Beauty of an Apple Green Dress

An apple green dress can really get you noticed in a less obvious way than a lime green dress would. It's more subdued, it's more elegant and it's more sophisticated. Oh, and did I mention that it looks great on almost any one.

Too often, women think they could not possibly look good in an apple green dress, but the truth is, it's a great unique color option if you don't want to blend in with every other woman in the room wearing a black dress. Plus, it's a lot more fun than black.

Of course how stylish you look depends all on the dress's design as well as your accessorizing. Pair it with your favorite gold or beige high heels, and you have a stunning outfit.

Finding an Apple Green Dress

The apple green dress is a simple and surprisingly classic color. While emerald green is probably the most classic of the greens, apple green has had its share of popularity in fashion throughout the years.

The only problem you may have is finding the right color apple green dress. Some shades of apple green are warmer, while others are definitely cooler. If your skin color has noticeably golden undertones, opt for golder apple green dresses, and if it's bluer or pinker undertones, opt for cooler apple greens that almost look a bit minty.

I've found that the best selection as far as styles and shades of apple green dresses go is online at sites like or eBay. Not only are a lot of very stylish dresses available in the apple green color online, but the dresses shown are more fashionable and not old-fashioned.

Online shopping for your apple green dress should end any woes about apple green dress shopping. There will be a variety of lengths, styles, and sizes. It doesn't matter how old you are or what size you are, an apple green dress is always a great choice for afternoons or evening affairs. Plus, the color gives you a certain glow that only a handful of other colors can. It's even okay for the office if it's tailored nicely or school if it's casual enough.

While you can always find a ton of girls' apple green dresses online, it is sometimes more difficult finding apple green dresses that look like they were made for an adult, not for a pre-teen or a grown woman who wants to spend her life in Never Never Land.

Apple green dresses can be made to be an elegant ballroom gown or be made to be a casual and comfortable dress for an afternoon picnic in the park. Just remember, that it's always all about the accessorizing.

Apple Green Dress

Apple green dress
Apple green dress


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