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Buying guide to aquamarine rings and aquamarine jewelry

Updated on September 3, 2012

Aquamarine rings

Aquamarine rings add an enticing charm to your wedding jewelry.
Aquamarine rings add an enticing charm to your wedding jewelry. | Source

Choosing the perfect jewelry for your wedding

Aquamarine rings are increasingly becoming popular in recent times. They are elegant and add a serene ambiance with their enticing shades and sparks. People who love to spend time on beaches looking at the calm and composed sea would definitely enjoy these aquamarine rings. These wedding bands offer a sense of peace and tranquility. If you are depressed or disappointed, these rings can bring up your mood, reminding you of the blissful moments of your wedding.

Aquamarine rings are available in dark icy blue and greenish tinge. These rings are available in different types and it is important to understand the basics of these stones so that you can purchase the best quality rings. The majority of these rings is flawless and come in good clarity. Inclusions are very little in these models when compared with other gem stones. Check out the clarity certificate before making a decision. Different shades of these rings offer a unique blend of beauty and charm and it is not easy for you to choose one among thousands of enticing designs. However, the best thing about aquamarine rings is that they are affordable by most people.

Another important aspect to consider is the type of metal you choose for these rings. Most people prefer silver or white gold. The reason is very simple. Deep blue or light green stones look elegant on silver or white bands. Yellow gold and green go well too. While few people prefer gold and platinum, more sales are seen with silver and white gold metals, in recent times. However, you can choose any metal to suit your preference.

An elegant and incredibly amazing three stone aquamarine ring.
An elegant and incredibly amazing three stone aquamarine ring. | Source

After choosing the color combination, it is important to check out various designs. Earlier aquamarine rings did not have many designs to offer. However, with the increasing popularity for these rings, they are now created in mind-blowing designs and themes. Rounded rings fit into any model and last longer. Browse the catalog and choose the best model for your aquamarine rings. Adding these aquamarine rings to your wedding jewelry would surely add up the elegance and charm.

While you spend huge money on bridal jewelry, it is important to purchase them from a reputed store. Check out the profile of the jewelry store. Check out reviews and ratings on the internet. Compare prices and then proceed with the purchase. Today, wedding bands have a lot of importance in a wedding ceremony and adding aquamarine rings to your wedding jewelry would surely place you out of the crowd.

How to clean aquamarine rings?

Maintaining the jewelry at its best appearance is essential. You need to clean them on a regular basis. While you can purchase several jewelry cleaning solutions, cleaning them at home using simple and traditional methods is always recommended. Take a bowl of warm water and mix natural soap into it in 1:3 ratio. Take a soft bristled tooth brush and dip it in that soap solution and brush the ring in a gentle way. After cleaning the dirt, wipe it off with a soft cloth. This is an easy way to clean your aquamarine jewelry.


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    • suvitharoja profile image

      suvitharoja 5 years ago from India

      Congratulations for the wedding and I wish you have a great time.

    • ayliss08 profile image

      ayliss08 5 years ago from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

      This sounds great! I would like to buy it. I am going to have my wedding ceremony soon, and now preparing my wedding rings and other jewelry pieces. I think it would be great to have such beautiful and shinning aquamarine ring. Thanks for sharing!