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Aquaphor Healing Ointment Product Review

Updated on April 8, 2013

Aquaphor Description - Two Types

Aquaphor is a skin treatment made by the same company that brings you Eucerin. Eucerin is a division of Beiersdorf AG. Aquaphor by Eucerin is used to heal damaged, dry and cracked skin. Aquaphor works well to help promote healing by sealing in moisture because of the petroleum base it incorporates in the product. Petroleum is excellent at sealing in moisture while allowing your skin to heal.

Aquaphor is available in two types for your convenience. The first is Aquaphor's Original Ointment and then the second is Healing Ointment. These two products are similar to Vaseline type products but each ointment has added ingredients that Vaseline does not have in order to help heal cuts and dry, cracked skin.

The Original Ointment contains mineral oil, ceresin and lanolin alcohol besides petroleum. Lanolin alcohol is sometimes called "sheep's alcohol" since it is made from the fat from wool shearings. Lanolin alcohol is an emollients which benefits your skin by softening it.

The Healing Ointment by Aquaphor contains has all of the ingredients of the Original Ointment but also contains glycerin, panthenol and bisabolol. Bisabolol is derived from chamomile and has soothing anti-inflammatory properties. Glycerin adds moisture to skin and protects it while panthenol is a derivative of vitamin B5 and helps to smooth skin.


How to Use Aquaphor

Aquaphor Original Ointment

Aquaphor Original Ointment is designed to help promote the healing of severely dry and damaged skin. It is dermatologist recommended and an intense skin emollient. It restores skin to health. This product is paraben free and is recommended for eczema and psoriasis. This ointment can also be used on baby's bottom for diaper rash.

This ointment feels greasy and slick going on but the skin absorbs it readily and it soothes quickly. Sensitive skin is not irritated by Aquaphor Original Ointment.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Aquaphor healing Ointment is an advanced healing therapy for dry, cracked, irritated and sensitive skin. It is clinically proven to restore healthy and smooth skin. This product is fragrance free and has many suggested uses. It can be used to ease the symptoms of chapped lips and skin. It also soothes skin and protects it from windburn. It can protect minor scrapes, cuts and burns while they heal. Use it after the bath or shower to seal in moisture.

This product has a thick feel to it but it is absorbed quickly by dry, damaged skin so that healing can begin quickly. Rub it thickly and deeply on to hands before going to bed at night to awaken with softer, moistened skin on your hands.

The Healing Ointment by Aquaphor is available in a smaller size in tubes so that it is convenient to carry in a purse or diaper bag. The small size is great for traveling. Use it on the ski slope to prevent wind burn or bring it camping to ease rashes and bug bites.

Aquaphor is recommended by physicians and dermatologists. It can be used for Eczema, chapped hands, dry skin, sensitive skin, diabetic skin, baby care needs, aging skin, sports therapies, chapped and flaky skin. Another great use for Aquaphor is to soothe skin after a sunburn or to use topically on tattoos.

Customer reviews show that most Aquaphor users will recommend this product to others for skin care needs. Many users use this product for lip balm, after surgery to help scars heal, and after using harsh acne medications that have dried out their skin.


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