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Aquis Microfiber Hair Towels

Updated on May 16, 2010

Hair towels are one of those things that you never really think too much about.  They’re there for you every day when you need them; drying your hair and then hanging out to dry.  But if you’ve done any looking recently for any type of towel, you’ve probably heard something about aquis microfiber towels.  You might be thinking “what’s the big deal?”

Aquis Microfiber towels are a unique type of hair towel made from specialized microfiber material.  They’ve actually been around for quite awhile, since 1990, but have stayed in relative obscurity.  The material  is made up of a hydrophilic (loves water) microfiber material that soaks up water much faster than regular cotton or terrycloth.  This material has a special weave that allows capillary action to move the water through the towel faster and more thoroughly.  What this means for you is that your hair gets drier faster without having to do any extra work.

What’s nice about the Aquis hair towels is that they are thinner than average towels. The microfiber material is naturally more absorbent so not as much material is needed. The microfiber hair towel also dries off quickly. Just as the specialized weave pattern absorbs water quickly, it helps the towel dry off faster too. Because it dries off so fast it’s not really necessary to have two (although it can be handy if you don’t do laundry everyday).

While the towel does a great job of drying the hair naturally, it doesn’t leave your hair completely dry. You’re hair will be left wet enough to style or blow dry if you want. You’ll still need to dry it off with a hair drier; you’ll just spend a lot less time doing it.

Besides being tremendously absorbent and fast drying, the Aquis microfiber towel lasts forever. There have been several users who have reported that their towels are still being used since the company first started selling the hair towels. Aquis customer’s are very loyal and think very highly of the product, indicating that it’s a quality product and that they’d purchase it again.

Finally, Aquis microfiber hair towels are extremely easy to care for. After a few uses you can just pop them into the wash and if you want to let it air dry it’s dry in a few hours, or you can throw it in to the drier on medium just like any other towel.

The odd thing I found about the Aquis microfiber hair towel, is that almost everyone said that it was indispensible on their travels. Whether they traveled for business or pleasure, everyone liked the fact that the microfiber towel would dry quickly and took up very little space in their suitcases. Some people even reported using it as their only towel (like on camping trips).

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