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Arcadia Handbags

Updated on July 27, 2017

Aracadia Patent Leather Handbags, Suede Bags, and Accessories

Arcadia is an Italian fashion designer brand that carries patent leather handbags, suede bags, leather belts, and other trendy fashion accessories. They are focused on the leather sector of the fashion industry, with beautiful patent leather bags being one of their primary focuses. All Arcadia handbags are casual, sporty, and classic. There are no Arcadia stores or outlets based in the USA, though they can be found at several online shopping websites. Scroll down to find some examples of the bags made from Arcadia that you can search out on your own!

Why These Bags are a Great Choice for Handbag Lovers

Arcadia handbags aren't well known-- that we'll admit. However, they do have the quality and consistency that you'd expect from a much larger, well known designer. In terms of consistency, their bags seem to follow a style that includes the heavy use of patent leather. Their patent leather is unique and often is striated or embossed with small circular dots. These dots add an attractive pattern to the entire bag that will surely complete your wardrobe look!

A Few More Reasons Why Buying an Arcadia Bag is a Good Idea:

  • There's no such thing as an Arcadia knockoff. It's simply not worth counterfeiters time to try to fake these bags. They have their eyes on bigger companies like Prada, Gucci, and Fendi. So, if you see one of these bags for sale on auction, rest assured it is real (for now anway - until the company's popularity rises).
  • The quality of the leather or patent leather is just as good as higher priced brands. It's luxurious, durable, and stylish, but doesn't have that high price tag you'd expect from a high end designer.
  • They're easy to clean. Most patent leather bags are very easy to clean, but these are super easy. Just a light wipe of a paper towel with some warm water will do the trick.
  • The best place to buy these bags, believe it or not, is on Ebay. Their simply aren't many outlets or stores that carry these bags. The best selection and your best bet for finding a certain style (or any style for that matter) is on auction. 
A few things to keep in mind when purchasing these on auction:
  • Check the seller's feedback score - ensure that they've been selling for a while.
  • Make sure to read the item description carefully. Ask additional questions if you are unsure of anything.
  • Ask for additional photos if necessary. 

This is a great fit for your patent leather collection, and would make for a beautiful bag to wear for a night on the town! It's funny how the quality of a company that isn't nearly as known as say, Coach or Gucci, actually seems to make a far better product that really lasts (and has a beautiful, supple feel!), in addition to being a fraction of the price of most of their bags. We highly recommend these bags!

As a little side tip, you can on occasion find these bags at discount retailers. Yes, we're talking TJ Maxx and other authorized retailers! That means you may be able to save even more on this one of a kind high quality bags.

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