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Are Face Peels for Acne Safe?

Updated on October 28, 2013
Facial Peel
Facial Peel

Treating acne can sometimes prove to be difficult. This may lead acne sufferers to consider using peels for acne to combat the problem. Acne peels are chemical acidic solutions that are used on skin that is affected by acne.

What Does a Chemical Peel Do?

The peels rapidly exfoliate the upper layer of the skin to give room for dead skin cells to slough off effectively.
This action gets rid of all debris and irritants from the skin and prevents excess sebum from clogging the hair follicles.
When this happens, instances of blocked pores and formation of pimples are reduced. Cell turnover is also increased to improve the appearance of skin. Peels also stimulate the formation of new collagen which firms the skin.

Chemical Peel Before and After
Chemical Peel Before and After

Chemical Peels Reduce Acne Scars

Acne scars can also be reduced by these peels. Using the peels on skin requires that the treatments be done in a series in order to be effective. Peels for acne are not recommended for every acne-sufferer. They are only suitable for people who suffer from mild and superficial acne.

Dead Skin Peeling Off
Dead Skin Peeling Off

What to Expect After the Chemical Peel

Using the peels for severe acne may aggravate the problem rather than solving it. Peels come with unpleasant side effects. There may be redness of the skin as well as peeling and flaking. During the treatment there may be a sensation of burning on the skin. It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before resorting to use peels on the skin.

The Clarasonic system has been used by myself and many of the women that I work with. This system with its special brushes that rotate is an amazing system that help not only with cleaning your face, but it also helps get rid of wrinkles and also helps remove age spots.

The Clarasonic technology is one that will change the way you your face looks and feels. As we age, we want our skin to be firm and healthy and that is what this system does.

By using this special brush technology, it helps to open the pores so that your skin will absorb facial products much better than any other rotating brush technology.

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Eat lots of Fruit and Vegatables
Eat lots of Fruit and Vegatables

Natural Acne Treatment

Acne can be treated by using natural acne treatment. These are easily available and effective treatments. Drinking eight glasses of water on a daily basis will clear skin by flushing out toxins that may be causing the pores to block.

Other natural acne treatment options include drinking green tea, taking zinc supplements and eating lots of fruits and vegetables to clear skin.

Try to stay away from oil and fatty foods. Especially fried foods.

egg whites and lemon juice mask
egg whites and lemon juice mask

Homemade Facial Acne Treatment

Treating acne at home is possible with a homemade facial for acne. Examples of good home face masks include baking soda paste. It should be applied after cleansing skin and left on for twenty minutes before rinsing off.

Egg whites or egg yolks mixed with lemon juice are also effective home face masks. Oatmeal paste is another effective homemade acne mask that is suitable for all skin types. Another facial mask for acne that produces results is the sea salt mask. Sea salt works well, but if that is not available, table salt can be used.

Onion and Oatmeal Facial Mask
Onion and Oatmeal Facial Mask

More natural acne treatment facial masks are made of oatmeal and onion juice. Mix instant or boiled oatmeal with grated onion juice. Mix it into a paste and apply to face. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. Do this twice weekly for best results.

When creating a facial mask, the consistency should be that of a paste, once it's made, apply to the affected skin and then wash off after twenty minutes. It dries out pimples and unclogs pores.

Natural skin products are safe in fighting acne because they don't contain any chemical substances that may be harmful to the skin. They are made from plant extracts and natural oils.

Homemade natural facial peels are hypoallergenic and are easily absorbed by the skin to deliver the benefits. Some of the most effective natural skin products not only fight acne but they also firm the skin because they contain collagen or elastin.

Due to the side effects and restrictions associated with peels for acne, natural and homemade remedies should be given priority when looking for acne solution. They are safe and free of any side effects.

Natural facial peels and masks will help your skin tremendously. They do however take consistency and take longer to see results than chemical harsher peels.


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