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Are Sunless Tanning Lotions Right For You?

Updated on October 31, 2010

Everyone’s skin is different, and self tanning lotions can look different on different base colors. It’s important to understand what works best for your skin and how much, or how little, self tan you need to apply to achieve the best results. Although it’s nice to have a sun-kissed glow, we’ve all seen those who have overdone it and gone a deep shade of orange!

For those of you who are interested in getting the look of a tan but want to avoid the risk of getting any orange tint to your skin, the key is to choose your sunless tanner properly. Don't just go out and buy the first sun-free tanner you can find! Invest in a quality lotion and you will have great looking skin for months or even years to come (without the risks from UV rays)!

Best Sunless Tanning Lotion Brands

This is not an exclusive list of the top sunless tanning lotion products, but you should definitely find something here that will fulfill your needs of a quality sunless tanner!

1 - Bain de Soleil Mega Tan - this one has long been a favorite brand at many top online stores!

2 - Banana Boat Sunless Summer Color - yes this does come from the company that is well known for both sunscreens and sunning oils. A quality sunless tanner from a company that has proven itself over time!

3 - Hawaiian Tropic Island - like Banana Boat, this company has shown its dedication to a variety of sunscreens. Now it has an awesome fake tanning lotion too!

Well there you go - a list of a few of the best products in this market. Shop online and you can quickly and easily find the best one to suit your individual skin tone and skin type!

Anything else to add about these sunless tanners?

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