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Are the Kylie Jenner lip kits worth the money?

Updated on May 31, 2016

When they first came out

When the Kylie Jenner lip kits went out the feedback was... less than satisfactory. Upon opening the new lip kits many customers were immediately disappointed. The brushes were falling apart and unusable. Many people attacked Kylie and she posted a snapchat promising to make new brushes. Not only did Kylie make new brushes but she also changed the formula and released new products... the metal matte's and glosses.

Metal Matte

Due to the huge amount of excitement surrounding the product, I myself decided to try it out. I ended up buying the metal matte shade Reign for $42 online. When I first put the shade on I was pleased with the color. It was a little darker than I expected but still a good shade. About twenty seconds later it felt like my lips were dry enough to fall off. It immediately dried and started flaking. I was scared to eat or drink anything without my lipstick falling off. I felt the need to lick my lips every few minutes. The lipstick did not feel good to have on.

Unlike the lip kits, the metal matte shades DO NOT come with a lipliner which was a little disappointing but there are many instagram pages dedicated to providing lip liner colors that would match. The Kylie Jenner cosmetic page itself features pictures of people mixing metal matte's and lip kit colors and it gives some lip liner colors that come in the lip kits that look good with the metallic lip colors.

The official instagram page currently with 3.8 million followers
The official instagram page currently with 3.8 million followers
The Metal Matte box
The Metal Matte box

How it looks on lips

In all honesty the lipstick looked really good. My friends could easily tell that is was a Kylie Jenner product and praised how it looked. Although it did look a little dry, the shade was very nice and it applied very cleanly.

How it looks (Box)

If you order the box you will probably be either very happy or very disappointed. Due to the box being VERY identifiable many people's boxes have been STOLEN! Kylie eventually had to change the box completely, but if the box actually gets to you it is very cool and pretty and unique. When you open the box you will get smaller boxes that contain your lipkits, etc. The boxes have the "signature" drips that are the shade of your cosmetic. It is very aesthetic.

All of the products

Insanely, ALL of the lip products from Kylie Cosmetics (I.E. the lip kits, metal mattes, and lip glosses) are still being sold out within an hour of being restocked. That being said getting your hands on these things is definitely a challenge. The lip kits are usually the first to go. Currently there are nine shades of lip kits, (This includes Exposed, Dolce K, Posie K, True Brown K, Mary JO K, Kourt K, 22, and Candy K) three metals, (Reign, King K, and Heir) and three glosses (Like, Literally, and So Cute). Kylie is still releasing new colors.


As of today everything on this website is very over priced. (See table below) That being said not many people want to spend that much money on lipstick. Especially when the formula and brush is still being improved. Many social media pages have been made for the sole purpose of giving Kylie Cosmetic dupes. Dupes are described on as deceiving someone. Dupes in makeup terms are basically cheaper products that end up looking the exact same or similar to more expensive products. The dupes for Kylie Cosmetics costs usually end up being 1/3 the price of Kylie Cosmetics. And the majority come from the company Colorpop. Colorpop is actually made from the same company as Kylie Cosmetics and uses basically the same formula which has caused many to speculate that Kylie has stolen the colors or based her colors off of colorpop and just increased the price tremendously.

Costs of products

Cost (Tax and Shipping NOT included)
Lip kits
Metal Matte

And finally, is it worth it?

The big question is, is the cosmetic worth the price? The answer to me is... no. It is not worth it. Unless you are financially very secure or able to spend a lot on makeup that isn't even great then I would suggest buying dupes or waiting until all the hype dies down and the products are (hopefully) much cheaper. If you buy makeup for the looks then by all means buy these. But right now the formula still isn't great, it does not stay on very well, and the metal's are very dry. Keep in mind I have only tried the metals but still $30+ dollars for lipstick seems like an overkill. Especially when Colorpop is much cheaper with almost the same formula.

Are they worth the price?

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LadyCode Reviewing a Metal Matte (Does not belong to me)


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    • Chatty Chat profile image


      2 years ago from Planet Earth

      Nice review, but I feel bad that you wasted your money on overpriced makeup.


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