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Are you a curvy woman special enough?

Updated on September 14, 2011

Are you a plus size woman special enough?

All women are beautiful and special. Women prove to be stronger than men are in many situations. Women seem to be more aware of the surrounding reality. It is also quite common for a woman to show more concern for the welfare of the family. It might be because the maternal instinct or love for her children increases her willingness to compromise or to sacrifice.

A woman’s life partner could make her feel even more special. In many situations, our life partners could influence how we perceive feel about ourselves. If we benefit from a clear appreciation of ourselves, we tend to behave accordingly. As a result, our self-esteem could grow and our actions might have more success. Such a feeling of personal satisfaction could be visible in our social activities. There are various ways to make the person near us feel great. Depending on the traits of our partners, their education, their character, and the nature of the relationship, there could be various ways to create a positive feeling. It might be admiration, appreciation, love, respect, or careful consideration of the lover, husband, family, colleagues, or friends. Any of these could cause most women to feel special enough. Each person that makes us feel special helps us to achieve a higher feeling of personal fulfillment.

People appreciate others for a reason. It will be hard for you to achieve appreciation of others by doing nothing. Many people admire others only when they offer something valuable in return. If a woman does not stand out in any way, it will be hard for her to get attention. Because of this, we might consider that each woman is responsible for the appreciation she gets from others. In other words by doing nothing, people will hardly find you special. The appreciation of a person at a given time could depend on her previous involvement, dedication, or efforts.

People might see you as special because of your way of being, your character, image, or way of thinking. Others might consider the way you communicate, listen, appreciate, or even love. It is quite common for people to show appreciation and openness to the ones who also appreciate them in return. Any woman could be special, regardless of how she looks. To be more special, you do not need to be the center of attention. These two aspects could hardly be similar. Seeking the spotlight often implies a superficial upbringing and material interests. Sometimes you could be in the spotlight because of a well-tailored dress, a trendy hairstyle, a good matching purse, or other smartly chosen accessories. But this does not equal a genuine feeling of appreciation from others. True appreciation seems to have deep roots in a less material area of our beings and requires a continuous attention and refinement over time. The way we live our lives and relate to others could make us less or more special.


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    • spokaneseo profile image

      spokaneseo 6 years ago from Spokane

      I think most can appreciate women for who they are and size 2 is not a prerequisite. But health of your mate should always be a concern, especailly if you want to live long lives with each other.