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Are you guilty? 6 Bad habits that can age you!!

Updated on August 18, 2016

“Put down those tweezers!! Stand up straight!! Put out that cigarette!!”

Today’s blog is all about the little things we may—or may not—be doing that can make us look older. And no one wants that! See if you are guilty of any of the following bad habits:

1. Back away from the tweezers! Are you over-tweezing your brows? Eyebrows frame the face, and thicker eyebrows are associated with youthfulness. When your eyebrows are too thin or sparse, the features of the face disappear and that can add years to your appearance. Try filling in with brow powder while they grow in.

Just a sampling of my tweezers collection. Yep, I was once an over-tweezer.
Just a sampling of my tweezers collection. Yep, I was once an over-tweezer. | Source

2. Are you a sloucher? Bad posture can cause back pain, and make you appear sad. According to research, people with good posture appear younger, happier and more confident. Personally, this was an issue for me. I would catch myself in mirrors and pictures with my shoulders slumped forward, which then made my stomach stick out. Not a good look! I started practicing yoga regularly, and that has helped straighten my body out.

3. Check your hair color. Is your hair dull, too much grey, or too brassy blonde? Talk to an experienced hair colorist about what color would look best on you. Sometimes, adding some face-framing highlights brightens up your whole face. Having the right hair color makes your hair look younger, too!

4. Droopy boobs. Need I say more? And I am not suggesting surgery—get a bra that FITS! I see so many ladies out there with ill-fitting bras. Girls, go to your favorite store and ask for a bra fitting. Chances are your bra is the wrong size. Once you have a correct fitting bra, your lovely lady lumps will thank you. Here is a good guide to determine proper fit:

Does you bra fit this well?
Does you bra fit this well?

5. Are you neglecting your hands? Many of us are guilty of this. The hands give away everything! Start using hand lotion to keep hands and cuticles soft. To keep sunspots at bay, apply sunscreen to the backs of hands. If you aren’t already, think about getting or giving yourself regular manicures. Researchers asked people to estimate women’s age based solely of photographs of their hands; amazingly, 49% thought the women’s hands looked younger when wearing nail polish.

6. Stop smoking. Please. We all know that smoking is incredibly harmful to the body. Did you also know it is detrimental to the skin? As estheticians, we have a word to describe smoker’s skin: asphyxiated. Not dry, not wrinkled; but ASPHYXIATED. In other words, completely devoid of oxygen; which causes the complexion to turn grey. You also get “smoker’s face” which is lines around the eyes and mouth. Do yourself a favor—even if you only smoke socially: stop.

No caption needed.
No caption needed.

Commit to make a few changes a little at a time, and in the long run that will make a huge difference. Are you struggling with any of the habits mentioned? Or, have you made some changes and see the results? Leave me a comment and tell us about it! Until next time, be beautiful on the inside and out!


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