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Areola Lightening Cream

Updated on August 6, 2010

Many people have had success with areola lightening creams, such as UNT Plush Blush Pro Lightening Cream, to lighten the areola; removing discoloration and making the nipple look more natural

While your areolas aren't seen every day by very many people, you see them and if you have discoloration or abnormally dark nipples it can affect your confidence (even subconsciously). That last thing you want anyone thinking about is the discoloration of the areola. And whether you have a significant other or you're just getting back on the dating scene, you want to make sure you look your best and in the bedroom every little thing counts.

Why nipples get dark and discolored

Unfortunately it happens to all of us and, like many other parts of our bodies, time takes its toll on your areolas.  One of the most common reasons for discolored nipples is the natural friction that occurs by wearing clothing.  This is a very gradual effect and happens over time and it happens unevenly. 

Another reason for areola discoloration is due to the wear and tear from rearing a child.  If you've had children and they were breast fed then it's possible to experience darkened nipples as a result.

Areola lightening cream vs. just any skin lightening cream

You may have heard of other skin lightening solutions and perhaps considered using one of these products. You have to be very careful when choosing which product to use to lighten the areola. Many skin bleaching creams and lotions have harsh chemicals, some that peel away the top of layer of the skin. When dealing with sensitive areas such as the nipples, there is an increase in the number of nerves in the nipples and using something like a chemical peel could damage the nerves, sometimes permanently.

The good news is that there are products out there that are designed for lightening sensitive areas. Areola lightening creams, such as UNT Plush Blush Pro Lightening Cream , are designed with a special micro-abrasive that ever so gently exfoliates the nipple and areola areas. What this does is lighten the dark coloration of your areola by breaking down pigments in some of the deepest skin layers making it blend better with your skin. This also has the effect of stimulating your body's natural regeneration process causing your nipples to firm up; making your areolas look younger and fresher with new skin cells.

Areola lightening creams are also infused with multi-vitamins which will keep your areolas hydrated and nourished through the process. While this isn't a natural process to lighten areolas, it is as gentle as you can get and still be effective. That being said, you may experience a mild tingling temporarily which is normal. If the tingling lasts for more than 24 hours you should consult a doctor or dermatologist.

Because these products are designed for sensitive areas such as the areola, they are safe to apply to other sensitive areas of the body such as the lips, underarms or vagina. So if you've ever considered vaginal bleaching, this may be a two for one option.

You should apply the areola cream to your areolas nightly; it only takes a few minutes to dry. Some people have seen results in as little as two weeks and for others it takes a little more time. Keep in mind that you're stimulating a natural process and that everybody's body is different.

So whether you're anticipating your next amorous encounter or just want to look good at one of those topless beaches, you can be sure that your body looks its best.


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