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Argan Oil: A Dual Purpose Oil for Your Skin and Cooking

Updated on June 12, 2012
Argan Tree
Argan Tree

The oil comes from a thorny tree in Morocco. It is pricey but you can use it for cooking pasta or as a nutty flavor spice. It is a high-end ingredient for the most part costing $85 for four ounces BUT when used, it will smooth rough skin and give hair a glowing shine. Consuming five teaspoons a day will increase your body's Vitamin E and lower cholesterol. Studies have also shown that putting on toast will help prevent heart disease. Basically, the oil has similar benefits and properties of olive oil but is much lighter, meaning, on the skin, argan oil does not leave that greasy slime feel as olive oil does. The oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acid called linoleic.

Obtaining the oil is labor intensive. The outer layer is peeled off the fruit. The large nut is pounded to obtain the small kernels that contain the oil. One can roast and eat these nuts also. It takes one person working for 45 minutes to crack enough nuts to make four ounces of argan oil.

If you plan to buy, buy only from labels indicating 100% argan oil and avoid those indicating "Moroccan oil" blend. These contain little argan oil and are thick, gooey, and yellow.


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