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Argan oil - " the liquid gold of Morocco"

Updated on May 16, 2013

100 raw organic argan oil

The argan oil - 100 raw organic argan oil - has been one of the fads of the global cosmetics industry because of its recognized strengths and especially their anti-aging benefits for the skin.

This valuable oil is extracted from the argan tree, a small shrub that grows along the coast of Morocco, south of Essaouira and its production is a well guarded secret by the Berber women who began using it a long time ago when they discovered the incredible benefits it brought to their damaged skin due to the arid climate and winds of Morocco.
They collect and extract the argan oil by entirely handmade methods. The production of a few millilitres of oil requires many hours of hard work under very harsh conditions. Much of the production is concentrated in cooperatives formed and managed by Berber women who engage in this work.

One of the experts in this field, Madame KATIME ALAOUI (Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, General Director of the Foundation Mohammed VI), sums up the virtues of this oil: "The cosmetic properties of argan oil are exceptional: its richness in essential fatty acids, especially omega-6 gives it a strong nutritional value, regenerating and regulating the permeability of the skin. Vitamin E, powerful anti-free radical, and phyto-sterols, with moisturizing and revitalizing properties multiply the anti-aging effectiveness."

The availability of this oil in the market is very scarce, so a liter of 100 raw organic argan oil can reach exorbitant prices. Many companies in the cosmetics industry use to send regularly their experts to some markets in Morocco where the oil can be found and traded. However, finding reliable suppliers or sellers offering oil in pure form or with a high concentration is not easy, and even at the high price demanded by sellers who have it in pure state there is always the risk of being cheated. Obviously, the companies that buy in large quantities don’t take risks because they always send the oil to analyze in the laboratory to verify that the product they are buying is of really good quality and they are not being cheated.

Argan Oil

100 raw organic argan oil
100 raw organic argan oil

In markets where the Moroccan argan oil is available, the "victims" preferred by the merchants are the tourists who are visiting the country, and knowing the reputation of this oil are travelling to these places to buy the "miracle elixir." In many stores the oil is supplied in vials of various sizes and different prices. The problem is that there is no control, and people buy based on the seller's word, but they are not serious and cheat the tourists. Some of these products based on argan oil (which are sold to many tourists and generate revenue of thousands of dollars) were subjected to laboratory analysis. The conclusion was that the concentration of argan oil in most of these products is a residual concentration, ie the concentration of oil is so low that the use of these products has no repairing or rejuvenating effects to the skin.

This is a real "business of China" and it is estimated that each year thousands of tourists are cheated in this business of argan oil.

But that happens not only in the Moroccan market. Although at these points of sale customers are misled by the word of the merchants, and at the so-called global market people are deceived by the publicity of some companies and brands that sell products containing Argan oil. The marketing strategies and the labels and packaging often induce people in error.

In the labels of products containing this ingredient is very common to see the words "argan oil" in highlighted lettering that is a source of writing of disproportionately large size. Now this would not have any harm at least the product had a significant concentration of this ingredient. The problem is that in a large number of these products the content of argan oil is residual, being present in concentrations below 2%. Studies indicate that residual concentration products (such as products with concentrations of less than 2%) do not produce, not nearly, the results and benefits they preach. To make an analogy, it is same to put a drop of poison (the most deadly known) in a lake and say to the people who drink this water that they are going to die. It makes no sense!

So if you don’t want to be fooled read the labels and other information about the product you are buying and make sure the product is really what it claims to be. And this applies not only for this case but for any product...

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    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 6 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I'm researching this product and i must say I'm impressed with its many uses.

    • profile image

      Jack Schmidt 6 years ago

      DermOrganic Argan Oil Sulfate-Free Shampoo 12 oz. DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo is blended with Argan Oil and amino acids that help re-build the hair while cleansing The shampoo is sulfate-free which makes it so gentle and safe for color-treated hair DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo is further enriched with Omega-6 and anti-oxidants which extend the life of...

    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 6 years ago from Mexico

      Argan oil gives a delicious flavor to Moroccan food. I loved it so much I even bought a bottle and brought it with me back home, where I tried to emulate some of the food I ate in my travels through Morocco.

    • profile image

      skin care products 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for posting the list. I am honored to be a part of it and am looking forward to getting to know the other bloggers!