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Ariel Foxman, Former Editorial Director at InStyle

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Felishiya started writing at the age of 10. Since then, she has produced various articles in English and Spanish and few in French as well.

Ariel Foxman
Ariel Foxman | Source

About Ariel Foxman and InStyle

  • Ariel Foxman is a Harvard graduate with majors in both literature as well as religion.
  • In his early career, he has done staff jobs at Details and The New Yorker and also worked as an intern at many publishing houses.
  • Though he was not quite interested in learning the ways to adapt beauty looks and new ideas for dresses from the red carpet and thinking about the most mesmerizing and perfect looks for a woman’s figure, yet he became the editorial director at InStyle.
  • This is important to know that InStyle is a woman’s fashion magazine, published every month by Time Inc. in United States.
  • The magazine is known for sharing information about fashion, beauty, home decor, entertainment and celebrity lifestyles.
  • It also talks about charitable endeavors and fashion related advertisements.
  • It is the second most read women’s fashion magazine after Glamour, and has a circulation of around 2 million.

InStyle Magazine
InStyle Magazine

Foxman's journey to InStyle

  • Ariel Foxman was chosen as managing editor at InStyle in September 2008 and had been working in that position for the last eight years.
  • Working together with InStyle totally for 15 years, Foxman has not only served as a hard-working editorial director, but also helped his team to develop e-commerce and introduce virtual as well as augmented reality projects for the glossy.
  • He is also known for effectively running The InStyle Collection that includes The Outfit, Mimi and InStyle itself.
  • Initially working as an intern at Random House and Spin, Foxman explained that he was always enthusiastic about celebrities and style.
  • He fell in love for writing and editing when he realized that his seniors were earning a huge amount by publishing books and articles.
  • During his struggle period, he learnt to find those specific keys that would lure people to read his articles.

Ariel Foxman with Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne
Ariel Foxman with Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne
  • In the mid of his journey from an intern to becoming a successful editorial director at InStyle, Foxman has worked as an assistant at Details and New Yorker, where he learnt to tackle his clients and serve them with their purpose before they even ask for it.
  • According to him, it is important to maintain the right balance between challenge and education to help others to run their life smoothly.
  • When he was 29, he started working as an editor at Cargo. At Cargo, he learnt the importance of a leadership team and what role the team plays in helping the growth of an organization.
  • Unfortunately, he failed to work as a good leader at first time such that he could never express his views and was not clear on the direction and tone as well.
  • It was tough for him to work with such a large team and collaborate with each and every one of them. It was not too late when he realized that working as an individual cannot cover everyone’s vision.
  • The solution was to have a united leadership team that understands every direction, vision and tone such that each member is aware of their responsibility to counteract a situation and achieve their target.
  • A leader must be supportive and friendly enough to boost positive energy in every member of the team to make them devoted to their work for the whole day.

Ariel Foxman at Ralph Lauren's New York Fashion Week
Ariel Foxman at Ralph Lauren's New York Fashion Week

Foxman's Success Mantra

  • Despite of being in a fashion industry, Foxman never judges people by their outfits.
  • In fact, while interviewing, he is keener to know that how much people understand his company culture and how much they know about the past and present of the company.
  • According to him, people must wear outfits that they feel confident in, rather than wearing them to flatter others.
  • He wants his team member to be known for their excellent work not for their glamorous look and what they wear.
  • Foxman attributes his career success to a great mentor system. He made people his mentor depending on the advice they gave him, if he did not find that advice productive, he moved ahead to look for someone else.
  • He says that he is surrounded with extremely talented and hard-working people.
  • On the other hand, Foxman manages brands by delicately handling every situation, whether small or big and individuals’ talents by giving them a platform to represent themselves.

Foxman's Resignation as Editor-in-Chief of InStyle

  • Serving as an editorial director for eight years at the helm, Foxman's last date in company was August 4, 2016.
  • On asking the reason for his resignation, he said that he needed some personal space and his decision was totally unaffected by the recent failure of InStyle in the global market.
  • Foxman is not so open about his next plans, but he is planning to go on a vacation for a short period of time and later on, would apply his experience at some other place and probably, would go to an organization that covers men’s fashion.
  • He likes to explore opportunities and try new and different things. He is always quite excited about all types of professions, but writing is something that speaks the most of him.
  • Norman Pearlstine, former chief content officer at Time Inc., appraised Forman says that his presence was very valuable for the company and everyone will surely remember his commitment to Time Inc.
  • Ariel Foxman launched InStyle’s print and digital issues before leaving. His last job in company was to close the magazine’s September issues.

Instyle Magazine September Fashion Issue
Instyle Magazine September Fashion Issue

September is fashion month, and InStyle has nearly 500 pages of fresh ideas and inspiration from cover subject Kerry Washington, Olivia Palermo, Charlize Theron, Carolina Herrera and Jessica Alba, among other style stars. [cited from]

InStyle Magazine August 2016 | Priyanka Chopra from Quantico | Fall First Look!
InStyle Magazine August 2016 | Priyanka Chopra from Quantico | Fall First Look!

Priyanka Chopra - The Quantico superstar on style, guys, and why she doesn't like the word Bollywood [cited from]



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