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Armani Watches For Men 2016

Updated on December 3, 2015

The Emporio Armani Story

One part of the Giorgio Armani empire represent also fashionable Armani watches For Men. Armani watches have the same quality, luxurious look and exceptional detail that you can only expect from the most famous fashion houses.

Collection of Armani watches has at its disposal designs for men and also women. In addition, there are the watches that they may have men and women and are called unisex watches. You can also choose among ceramic, leather and stainless steel straps an models.
Armani, over time, increased its sales volume on major fashion markets and quickly became one of the most desired and popular brands of watches on the market for the general population or for world's famous celebrities.

Armani watches are made for all tastes and requirements. It also can be used for various purposes such as for example, sports or business opportunities, possibly dating or even a romantic dinner with your wife or girlfriend....

There is also a number of models from popular collections such as Classic Armani watches, Emporio Armani watches, Armani Ceramica watches, Armani Exchange watches, Armani Sport watches or Armani Meccanico watches . You may also choose between models with chronograph or even diamonds and between rubber, leather, stainless steel or ceramic straps.

And there is also a large selection of colors: White, silver, black, brown, grey, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc. There are also models with combined colors...

Armani Watches for Men on Amazon



Giorgio Armani is a private company that was founded by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti in 1975 and has headquarters in Milan, Italy and has about 4,599 employees Worldwide. Armani is known as one of the most popular and prestigious fashion houses in the world.

Fashion house Armani creates, produces and sells a variety of products from shoes, watches, clothes to glasses under various brands such as Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Armani Exchange, etc.

Armani is for me a very successful company with a large selection of quality products. Maybe the prices are a little high but the Armani is a premium brand that is known for quality and perfection. And because of this I will present some Armani watches For Men, which can be bought on Amazon.

You can also visit the Official Giorgio Armani Web Page.


Why To Have One Armani Watch For Men ?

Emporio Armani is an fashion icon so a Armani Watch is a must have product. All Armani Watches look awesome and are made for every moment. You can choose between sports watches, fashion watches and many more.

That means that you can wear Armani Watches for all occasions such as free time, at home, at work, on a party, on first date, on your job interview, on your marriage, everywhere.

On Amazon you can search between many models and select the watch that suits you best. Hope you will find one for you !

Armani Exchange Watches For Men

Celebrities Wearing Armani Watches

Armani watches are a must have product for some of the most known celebrities in the world. Armani represents modern fashion and a famous brand that is popular among celebrities. They are prepared to spend a lot of money to buy a Armani watch and some of them sign a sponsorship contract, so that they can get a Armani watch for free.

That is a great opportunity for celebrities and Armani because celebrities can easily get and wear a Armani watch and for Armani is a great advertisement if some of the worlds famous people wear a Armani watch.

And here are some of the most famous celebrities that wear Armani watches:

- Taylor Swift (singer and songwriter)

- David Beckham (former Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy player)

- Nina Dobrev (actress in The Vampire Diaries...)

- Eva Longoria (actress in Desperate Housewives...)

- Denzel Washington (actor in Training Day, Man on Fire, Remember the Titans...)

- Sophia Bush (actress in One Tree Hill, Chicago PD, etc.)

- Kat Graham (actress in The Vampire Diaries...)

- Ludacris (rapper, entrepreneur and actor in Furious 6...)

- Hayden Panettiere (actress in heroes, Nashville, etc.)

- Kristen Bell (actress in Gossip Girl...)

Which Is Your Favorite Color Of an Armani Watch ?

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Giorgio Armani Headquarters In Italy

A markerVia Borgonuovo 11 -
Via Borgonuovo, 11, 20121 Milano, Italija
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