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Artisan Jewelry Top Picks for 2013

Updated on August 13, 2013

Artisan jewelry is desired for its uniqueness, beauty, and style. Made from expertly skilled craftsmen, these pieces are truly one of a kind. Artisans strive to create items that are functional, ornamental, or both. They use a wide range of materials from wood, glass, to metals in order to create stunning works of art. “Artisan” originates from the word artigiano, Italian for someone who is train in arts and crafts. They can be specialized in a variety of sectors such as food, furniture, or clothing, but here we will focus on jewelry. As opposed to mass produced products that are identical, building each piece by hand imparts individual qualities that make them special and valued. Here we are going to examine some artisan pieces, and the fine details that go into each and every one.

Cachito Necklace

The Cachito Necklace by Lolindo is a stunningly beautiful piece that eludes simple elegance. The lovely chain of the necklace is made of gold leaf and decorated with white enamel to give it a delicate and sophisticated look. Yet, the focus of the necklace lies at its centerpiece: an ivory-like spike and a single golden leaf. The spike brings about a more natural feel to the item, which is then balanced out by the golden backdrop. Looking closely at the leaf, you can see that it is imprinted with vertical lines to add textures that contrast the rest of the necklace. The other fine detail that will catch your eye is the black hand painted bead. The way it contrasts the overall lighter tones of the necklace helps to balance out the look. This is truly a one of a kind piece that we adore with an earthy and natural vibe.

Cachito Necklace by Lolindo
Cachito Necklace by Lolindo

Africa Earrings

The Africa earrings are the perfect accessory that’ll brighten up your outfit! I absolutely love its delicate design and the way it dangles from the ear. The three colorful beads at the bottom add length and volume to the piece, which will elongate your frame. This combination of colors brings about an elegant look that’s youthful and fun. The piece’s golden hue really stirs a feeling of luxury that is then heightened by the beautiful ripple textures. This accessory is great to wear day and night because it is so versatile.

Africa Earrings by Lolindo
Africa Earrings by Lolindo

Turquoise Necklace

Lolindo’s Turquoise Necklace is an amazingly detailed piece that will easily catch someone’s eye. The vibrant mixture of colors really make it a bold necklace. The bright blue and deep red hues work to contrast the sliver and emphasize the centerpiece. The way ornament resembles a heart is a cute little feature to this necklace. The threaded turquoise beads around the heart do a stunning job of highlighting its shape and design, in addition to the red tassel at the bottom for some added flare. You can see that these features draw a lot of attention to the intricate details on this necklace. You’ll notice the delicate pattern in the heart, which then leads to the detailed links of the chain. The links alternate in design and simply make the piece much more interesting. This is a classic necklace that would go perfectly with a nice pairs of jeans and a simple white shirt!

Turquoise Necklace by Lolindo
Turquoise Necklace by Lolindo

Calaca Pink Bracelet

This charming bracelet is simple yet edgy. The Calaca Pink Bracelet features a single magenta skull that draws wild attention without being too distracting. This beautiful feature is set apart by ebony beads that delicately gleam in the light. Across from the skull are charms that come together in the most adorable fashion. The Hamsa hand and the etched heart are highlighted by a striking red tassel. The bracelet is subtle enough to be stacked with other bracelets, but also charming enough to be worn alone. This accessory goes with everything and will definitely get you some compliments!

Calaca Pink Bracelet by Lolindo
Calaca Pink Bracelet by Lolindo

Marfil Necklace

This is one of my favorite necklaces because of how unique its design is. The Marfil Necklace is one of those simple but stunning pieces that have a lot going on. The chain itself is an intricate rope design that leads to the gold fan hardware. This feature really highlights your collarbone as it lies close to the neck. The small ivory beads that sit between each fan delicately balances out the pattern. They are finely engraved with intricate designs and holes. Yet the main feature to this necklace is the turquoise tassel at the center that lengthens the necklace and brings in a pop of color. Even though there is just one small tassel, it has a large presence in the entire piece.

Marfil Necklace by Lolindo
Marfil Necklace by Lolindo

I hope you have enjoyed reading about artisan jewelry and the ones I found particularly beautiful. I like be creative and create my own pieces, but they never seem to come as I would imagine. This is why I have so much respect for artisans and their work. They strive to use quality materials up to the last detail. Knowing that your jewelry is hand crafted and one of a kind really makes you value it much more. Feel free to share your knowledge on artisan jewelry or any items that you love!


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