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Aprons for Artists, Painters and Crafters, Apron Patterns, Smocks

Updated on August 23, 2017

Call it Nostalgia but Aprons are Making a Comeback!

As and artist I constantly wear aprons to paint, work with clay and for various craft projects and all sorts of various reasons. Aprons have come a long way and not only are they practical, they're fashionable too.

If your an artist, a gardener, a baker or just looking for Artist Aprons to do crafts you come to the right place. Aprons and paint smocks are great for gifts too because you have options to customize them. Personally, I love the frilly aprons for the kitchen and easy to get into aprons for painting. I also have a special apron just for working with clay. It has never been in the washer because clay clogs up the drain pipes, so I just hose it down and let it dry in the sun. I wear aprons like a man wears different hats.

Aprons are not just for women anymore either. Kids especially love aprons. At my house when we get ready to make art I noticed there is a rush to get to the apron drawer to pick a favorite one. That reminded me how aprons are important.

I am always hearing, "Grandma, can I wear your blue apron?"

That made me realize how aprons were once a daily part of every woman's wardrobe. Then came the independent 1960s, and aprons went out the door when women's lib walked in. Perhaps we have come to a place where we have finally achieved a healthy balance between working and playing with a little crafting thrown in to boot.

You will find aprons for painters, bakers, nail techs, candle makers, cupcake makers, children, and men. If you are the seamstress type, there are patterns available for vintage aprons as well, and I'd like to introduce you to the apron museum!

Conjuring Up An Apron

As soon as you mention the word "apron," grandmother comes to mind. At one time the words were inseparable. Aprons bring to mind little girls in the kitchen wearing grannies apron or the memory of grandma wearing her apron as she prepared meals and did things around the house.

Aprons have come a long way since grandma wore them. But never doubt the aprons grandma wore were the top style of the day even if they were handmade of sackcloth or made of towels. They always served their purpose.

Today's aprons for ladies are a little sexier. Many are designed to be worn for much more than cooking in the kitchen. We are going to talk about specifically about crafting aprons but aprons may be used for whatever you can imagine, but never doubt for a minute that you very well may be creating memories for the next generation with your apron!

Aprons Will Make You a Superwoman! least they do for me!

I wear my aprons mostly every day now. I have quite a collection in different colors and configurations so as to be pleasing to my senses. I have come to believe they are a like lacey bits of lingerie, only worn on the outside, and a quite a bit more respectable.

When I put on my aprons the children mind me better, and wandering visitors immediately know my role as a mom. Door to door religious missionaries assume I am a virtuous woman and cheerfully move on to the next house. The hubby gives me extra hugs and kisses and says I'm the cutest granny he knows, and grandchildren hug me so much more often.

I like my aprons. They have changed my life, raised my standards, inspired me to greater feats and make me more effective as an artist! My! Whoever thought that a few dollars worth of fabric and lace could affect so many changes on one woman and one family? Since my success with aprons I have become a true believer. Aprons have made me a superwoman!

Women's Apron Midnight Bloom

Combining function with sultriness. Loretta goes from the kitchen to the life of the party. This halter style apron ties at the neck and waist for easy adjustments. It has two front pockets.

These Hip and Hot Aprons come in an irresistible gift box with an adorable recipe card on the back allowing you to add your own personal touch for the perfect gift.

Made of 100% cotton. 36"L

So what are some good reasons for wearing aprons? I'll tell you the practical uses I have found beneficial.

Feeding Your Children: We put bibs on them and protect our floors, but you know as well as we do, that spaghetti doesn't always stay on the plate!

During Arts & Crafts: You could be doing a project yourself or helping your little ones, either way little bits of string, glue, paper, feathers and glitter and markers are kept at bay when you've got yourself covered!

While Doing The Dishes: Having kids in the kitchen for clean up is a great way to learn responsibility, but it can lead to other messes. Be ready for water over sprays (or an "accidental" water fight!).

In The Garden: It's a great way when you're on your own in the garden, but even better when you have little ones at your side with little (and usually muddy) fingers just waiting to be wiped... somewhere.

During Bath Time: Keep the bubbles and splashing down to a minimum with an apron in the bathroom. It's also a great thing to put on when washing the family pet, inside or out!

While Cooking and Cleaning: This is when you would normally put on an apron and for good reason! It's nice to know your new jeans won't receive any extra over spray from cleansers or even non stick spray in the kitchen!

Painter's Aprons

One of my favorites times to wear an apron is when I paint. I have a special apron for painting with long pockets that holds a paint brush well or a cloth rag to wipe my hands on. It often ends up becoming a memory of former paintings, especially when I have mixed certain colors.

Silk Screened Kachina Apron

A Unique Designed Kachina Apron for the Southwest!

You won't find this apron at the local walmart or big box store because they are handmade and created by H & L Enterprises of Albuquerque. A thirty year old cottage industry still going strong. They manufacture and design lots of great stuff for Southwestern Art Collectors and unsuspecting tourists who can't say no.

This silk screened apron is made of really durable canvas like material and has a lot to offer in the way of color and contrasting design. These handcrafted treasures are given birth to one at a time with unique silk screened designs and glittery color that sparkles! The aprons come in lots of colors and features pockets on both sides with little petroglyph images dancing around coholing you to, "Make something, make something!" Gosh! I feel guilty already!

I have one in a dusty rose color and I get many compliments on it, but that is what I get for wearing it out in public!

Kachina Aprons

Custom Made Chile Apron

Shipped from the Great Southwest, straight to your Kitchen!

This exclusive silk screened apron features pockets all along the bottom. They were born because they matched the chile candles and other chile items that are so popular in New Mexico.

"Mama and Papa Chile Apron" is an original design by Pat Hofstetter of H & L Biz and Arts. She designs the aprons, hand drew the images and screen prints them herself. She sews all that fabric into something actually wearable and makes them one size fits all! I think there may even be a matching cook book that goes with this apron, which she prints herself as well. Good Lord! I'm already out of breath! Did I mention she is in her 70's? Patricia has a lot more apron designs you can see here:

Chile Aprons

Terry - Owner of The Apron Museum

I was proud to discover that American Profile did a feature story on Terry and her apron "Comfort" Museum. You can read all about it here:

American Profile Article - The Apron Museum

Terry is one of those aprons nuts too. I'm not sure where they are all coming from but it's nice to know we are not alone.

The Apron Museum

"Aprons are art and history and reflect the economic times," says Terry, 60, who has collected 2,200 vintage aprons and honors the practical wraps at The Apron Museum in downtown Luka.

I'll bet you had no idea there was an apron museum. Gosh! That's great! I hope I am in her will.

Visit the Apron Museum Here!

The Apron Museum

Women's Apron Frosted Cupcake

Women's Apron Chic Pink

Which is best apron?

Which Apron do you like best?

See results

All the Aprons You could ever hope for! - Here, you will find hundreds more aprons, maybe thousands!


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      ruby Alex 5 weeks ago

      great one thanks for sharing

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      Carolyn 6 months ago

      I'm disappointed there is no link to the apron shown at the top of this page. The link to your Aprons store is not helpful to find that particular apron.

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      they are great. always love a lady with apron. they look strong

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      Aprons are so much fun!

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      I like your aprons site. The lacey aprons are very pretty.

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      These are pretty aprons.

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      These are pretty aprons.

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      These are pretty aprons.

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      Wonderful collection, I think I enjoyed the humerous ones from zazzle most

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      Love the cheerful designs here!

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      nice lens. i prefer floral designs.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      I like the blank ones that you can decorate yourself. I have a wonderful apron with the handprints of my children on it.