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Burberry without the price - Speck Black and White Plaid Fitted Case

Updated on July 15, 2010

Everyone has the same phone!

So you've got the pretty iPhone and spent a gazillion dollars on it only to find your neighbour, classmate, colleague and even your gardener carrying the same phone as you. You like personalization and hate it when someone has the exact same thing as you, especially when you've spent so much money on it. Fret not, i've got the ideal solution for you and it's will make your iPhone way hotter than when it came to you from the store. Check out the black and white plaid fitted case from Speck products.

This case is just dead gorgeous! It transforms your iPhone to a one-of-a-kind. No more same iPhone as the gardener and the nanny. In addition, it now becomes a fashion accessory, with its similarity to a certain brand, it just brings your iPhone to a whole new meaning of the word - sleek. The back of the case where the black and white plaid prints are is actually a piece of fabric. Talk about uniqueness. More often than not, designs are normally printed onto to the case. How often do you come across a layer of fabric on an iPhone case?

Speck has done a good job with its quality control. If you notice the edges of the fabric, they have been fitted really well. I was a little skeptical on getting this case as i was afraid that the fabric might peel off the case. I have been using this case for the past 6 months and the fabric is still where its supposed to be, with no signs of it peeling off.

However, the fabric do tend to get dirty over time. Not an issue, just apply a little water and soap and off goes the stain. If you find that too much of a hassle, just place your iPhone screen-down when placing it on the table. In doing so, you get to protect your phone's privacy, lengthen the fabric life and admire the beautiful design all at once.

The front of the case is has a slight rubbery touch. It feels great and allows you to grip the iPhone well and prevent it from sliding off surfaces when place screen-down. You need not worry about getting your screen damaged as the border of the case do protrude out a little. The screen will not be in contact with the surface of the table if you do place it screen-down.

The cut-outs for the sleep, volume, and lock button have been designed excellently. The are made neither too big nor small and access to these areas do not bare any issue.


- easy to fit 2-piece design

- personalization

- protects the iPhone well

- lightweight

- very well made, high quality

- does not add much bulk unlike other cases


- hassle to upkeep fabric area

- does not come with a screen protector

- rather expensive at USD$29.95

To Buy or not to Buy???

Although this case is rather expensive, you do get an excellent quality case. Alternatively, you could wait for promotions by Speck which occurs pretty frequently.

At USD$29.95 for a personalized iPhone, an iPhone protector and a fashion accessory, there is nothing else that comes close enough.

I highly recommend this case and present it a rating of 8.5 upon 10.


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