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Bye-Bye, Single Eyelid!

Updated on September 7, 2011

Asian Double Eyelid Trick without Surgery

Since I was a kid people had always pitied me for having single upper eyelids. My parents, many of aunts, uncle, and cousins they are all having double eyelids. Every time we went to a beauty salon to do make up for wedding parties or such, I heard “oh, you don’t have eye creases. Do you prefer tape for creating double eyelid or should I just put color on your eyes?”

Sometimes people just do not know what they are doing by saying things they don’t really mean which do sound cruel to those who are addressed.

Then when I was a teenage of course every time I looked at my eyes, I see dropping upper eyelids, feeling the pressure that the lid came inwards instead of outwards. My eyelashes are bending downward instead of upward making the eye opening appear partially obstructed. The surrounding voices benefiting double eyelids somehow never stopped. Double eyelids are regarded prettier, bigger, and easier to make up. I experimented several times with eyelid tape(s). I found it silly though, it did not feel so comfortable and moreover the tape fell off after some time. As my self-confidence grew, I didn’t think it is necessary to do the trick.

There are some videos I found where you can see the torture that Asian women are willing to go through for the sake of bigger (prettier) eyes.

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Nowadays where cosmetic surgery become more popular, many asian undergo surgery to create non-existing crease or to create bigger crease. For the first one there is indication of medicinal need since the skin of single-eyelid eyes could be dropping downwards disturbing eyesight.

There are incisional method and non-incisional method. The incisional method, as the word itself already speak, requires cutting eyelid skin, restructuring the skin, and sewing the skin. The non-incisional method works simply like sewing together the skin to create the crease. The later one is said to be less painful but less stable in long term result.

In Asian population both in Asian and United States, Double-Eyelid Surgery or also called Asian Blepharoplasty is the most requested cosmetic surgery. Fifty percent of asian people are born with double eyelid, the other fifty percent with single eyelid. Even if double eyelid presents, sometimes it is very small creases, incomplete or asymetry.

It is individual whether someone decides to do double eyelid surgery or not. Depending on complexity and problems of the eyelid it can correct the dropping eyelid skin and for many it builds self confidence. Surgeries are however always attached with some risks.

I would not say that Asians are trying to look like Western. It might be true for a bunch of person such as models, actress, singers who wants to look prettier than they already were. For many Asians women and men, having bigger eyes is simply prettier and is about being equals with others who are born with double eyelid. I personally think that every pair of eyes no matter how the eyelids are, has its own beauty and uniqueness. I have to admit though that after seeing all the "beauty result", I am somewhat tempted too.

Please note that this asian blepharoplasty is somewhat different than normal blepharoplasty in Western countries. The age average of Asians who undergo this surgery is generally younger than Western patients who seek for eyelid correction.

Example Photo Before and After Surgery

On the photos above you see a significant change especially on the first and second. Still, if I were the owner of the third and fourth eyes show in the photos, I definitely wouldn't do any surgery!

A Reportage of Asian Eyelid Surgery on CNN

Tyra Bank Show- Asian Eyelid Surgery


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    • profile image

      ProblematicFun 6 years ago

      Thanks for posting this, it was quite helpful. Usually both eyes have single eyelids, but sometimes I would wake up and find that my right one became double, then later in the week it would go back! It's really annoying cause one eye would be larger than the other-embarrassing!

    • profile image

      Upper Eyelid Surgery 7 years ago

      Can it be called as upper eyelid surgery?

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 8 years ago from Germany

      referring to natural beauty, we all do have different value of it. however, the question is how far is the scope of still natural beauty. back to the topic of creating double eyelids, for some it is still consider natural simply like permanent make-up, for some others it is not.

    • profile image

      Lauren 8 years ago

      I believe that natural beauty does still exist but still can be enhanced with procedures such as this.

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 8 years ago from Germany

      agustafani thx for dropping by.

      i wonder whether natural beauty still exists where our society accepts make-up as normal daily attribute, how many women do run around without make up whether it is powder, blush, eyelashes mascara, eyelid color, lipstick or more.

    • agusfanani profile image

      agusfanani 8 years ago from Indonesia

      I think beauty has its own character, no matter single or double eyelids. That's what we call as natural beauty.

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 8 years ago from Germany

      BK Creative, thanks for commenting and sharing too!

      I agree that those people in show business are often exaggerating. And if they are trendsetter, no wonder that many young girls want to copy them.

      While many regard this eyelid surgery as a rejection of Asian ethnicity or to look more Western, I"d rather say that for many Asians the goal is to have a better skin countour above the eyelashes and to increase self-confidence, and still wanting to look Asian. Double-eyelid Surgery for Asians is maybe comparable with teeth brackets. he he.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Thanks for sharing this!

      I lived in Korea over a 4 year period and learned about the procedure - but mostly done to people in show business. But here I was in a land of women that I found so healthy and so beautiful, and to me so kind - and why would they want to change that beauty? Well, I guess like everywhere else - we all want to try something completely different. Or maybe we want it all.

      Great hub. Thanks so much for sharing.