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Asian Skin: Unique Features and Skin Care Routine

Updated on March 23, 2013

Asian Skin Care


Different ethnicity skins

Each and every ethnicity has a unique skin type. Features of Caucasian or Latina skin differs largely from features of Asian skin. Therefore, Asian skin may require a different skin care regimen than that of Western skin. But, to determine a proper skin care routine, it is essential to first understand how Asian skin differs from other skin types.

Taking Care of Asian Skin

Asian skin has its own unique features. It produces more melanins which are a certain kind of pigment that are dispersed towards the surface of the skin. Because of this, their skin appears to have a darker tone, or more precisely a yellower tone than that of Caucasian’s. The shade of yellow ranges from very light to tan. Hence, most Asian women try to define their natural yellow tone by applying various whitening creams or lotions.

The best thing about Asian skin is that it tends to age at a slower rate than Western skin types. Asian skin contains a high concentration of collagen and the dermal layer of skin tends to be thick, which is why signs of aging appear less on Asian skin. Also, the top layer is combined of compact epidermis which is why this skin type is less sensitive and thus less prone to chemical reactions. Hence, whatever skin products are applied on Asian skin, the degree to which they are being absorbed by the skin is low. Another great thing about Asian skin is that it is less susceptible to sunburn than Caucasian skin. So it is less prone to most diseases caused by sun exposure.

Although Asians are less prone to sunburn but they are more prone to sun tan. Their skin responses differently to sun exposure than Western skin. So this may be a bad news for you if you are an Asian. Because of this reason, extreme sun exposure triggers the production of pigmentation that leads to pigmentation related skin problems. Their skin is characterized to produce more post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). As a result, any kind of physical injury or chemical, surgical light can leave scars or brown patches on the skin that does not easily heal.

So if you’re an Asian woman then you have to maintain a skin care regimen that goes with your skin type. The most effective basic, daily skin care routine that the skin conscious Asian women maintain starts with washing the face in the morning by using a gentle face wash. After washing your face, apply a facial toner to clear off dirt and oil from the surface of your face. Asian toners are designed not only to clean dirt, but also to lock moisture and reduce pores. Next step is to apply an emulsion. Emulsions are basically a light form of moisturizer that helps lock moisture in the skin, but if your skin type is oily then you must skip this step. Then apply serum which is a liquid concentration that is a very common and effective type of skin care product that suits Asian skin. Serum evens out your skin tone and plumps up your skin making it look brighter and also helps control oil. Next, apply a moisturizer that keeps your skin moist. You can use a moisturizer that contains sunblock. If not, then apply sunblock if you are heading out. Sun protection is essential not only to protect your skin from the sun but also to protect it from impacts of changing weather. Asian countries experience frequent weather changes which is bad for the skin. So always be prepared your skin to combat with the weather. Before going to bed, use a night moisturizer and eye cream that suits your skin type.

Now that you have learned about your skin type and how to care for it, you know just what to do. Maintain this skin care routine and give your skin that fresh, radiant complexion that you always desire.


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    • sosanmon profile image


      3 years ago

      Most Asian women using cedar mask to keep their skin


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