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Asic Gel Nimbus - Too Much Cushion or Just Right?

Updated on May 8, 2012

The Asic Gel Nimbus 13 Draws Differing Opinions From Women and Men

The Asic Gel Nimbus line of running shoes are lightweight with ample cushioning for your arches.

Runners that log a lot of miles find this an excellent shoe in which to train. While it will not afford you the absolute speed of a minimalist running shoe, the Gel Nimbus protects you with side to side stability as well as great cushion.

The Gel Nimbus 13 is a pretty popular shoe among both men and women as you might expect for such a pricey pair of running shoes. We did discover some complaints but the verdict was largely positive.

Heel and ankle pain was a problem for Strande, a runner from Milwaukee. He switched to Asics with the Gel Nimbus 10 model. The pain in his heels and ankle began to subside "immediately. After a few weeks it was "completely gone".

Since then Strande has been a loyal purchaser of each newer model of the Asic Gel Nimbus line. He considers them a value even with their hefty price.

On the other hand, we discovered several complaints about the narrowness of the Gel Nimbus 13. One lady complained that the 13 were very narrow and disgusted called the " a waste of money".

There was a vigorous debate on this point. while Milca found her shoe a little tight, she defended them as giving her the stability and cushioning she needed once she got used to them.

Matthew says he may be a "bit biased". He has been purchasing these shoes for years and thinks the Asics Gel Nimbus 13s are the best so far. With his style of running and medium to high arches, the Gel Nimbus 13 running shoes give him the best performance.

He also likes to lighter weight and even the understated color choices. Matthew is concerned with their durability and says he has had to replace earlier models sooner than he had wish. But so far no problems with durability this time.

The overall rating of these shoes at the time of this report was a great 4.6 out of 5 stars by men and a disappointing 3.5 stars from women.You can read some of these customer reviews here.

How do you rate the Asics Gel Nimbus 13 running shoes? You can leave your rating below.

What do you think of the Asics Gel Nimbus 13 running shoes?

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Asic Gel Nimbus 13 Reviewed by Warren Greene of Runner's World

Do you land hard on your heels when running? Would you like a little added stability?

If so, Runner's World's Warren Greene thinks Asic Gel Nimbus 13 Running shoes would be a smart choice for you.

Good impact protection is provided by the plentiful mid-sole. Gel and soft foam work throughout the shoe and give you a "nice, soft platform". Warren points out that the feeling of a little bit of bulkiness results from all that cushion.

The overall weight has dropped slightly from previous versions. Warren also likes the upper and the lacing which follows the "natural top line of the foot". The two layers of memory foam help create a nice overall package for the heel area of the shoe.

The Limited Edition Gel Nimbus 14

The Limited Edition Gel Nimbus 14 running shoes boast of a sleeker design while maintaining their signature 'plush' but stable ride. The weight has again been reduced. They are more breathable than their predecessors.

Joanna Ross from Running Warehouse reviews the Asics Gel Nimbus 14 in the video to the left.

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