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Asics GT 2170 Running Shoes - The Surprising ( and Conflicting ) Results We Discovered!

Updated on July 8, 2014

Asics Gt 2170 Running Shoes - Do These Shoes Measure Up?

Asics Gt 2170 running shoes are the latest edition of the highly popular Asics Gt 2000 series. The most recent GT 2160 was a award winning athletic shoe. The Gt 2170 seeks to improve on this base with two distinct upgrades.

First, they made the Asics Gt 2170 lighter. It holds the distinction of being the lightest ever in this series. Secondly the rear foot gel cushioning system was made larger. This was a popular upgrade among many users.

We checked customer reviews for the Asics GT 2170 and here is a summation of what we discovered.

One reviewer who labeled himself as, Beachnorwegian, thought these were the most comfortable Asics ever - largely because of the increased absorption of shock. Although he's not crazy about the colors, Beach calls the construction of the shoes "unsurpassed".

Gary looks for shoes with either motion control or cushioning support. With "... Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and a painful heel spur in the right..." , Gary needs just the right pair of shoes to take care of him while he runs.

He tried several brands - Brooks, Saucony, Nike, New Balance and even previous Asics models - without much luck. Even the Asics Gt 2160 running shoes lacked the cushioning Gary was seeking.

Then came the Eureka! moment. Next to the 2160s Gary was trying on wear a pair of 2170s! Of course, Gary purchased them and say they are - without a doubt - the best pair of running shoes he has ever owned.

Overall, we found most customer reviews of the Asics Gt 2170 to be quiet positive. But how do these running shoes measure up to earlier models in the series - especially the very popular 2160s? We found this eye opening review by a podiatrist.

Podiatrist Jenny Sanders on the GT 2170

Summary of Dr. Sanders Asics Gt 2170 Review

In the accompanying video, Dr. Jenny Sanders reviews the Asics Gt-2170 and compares them to their predecessors the highly touted Gt 2160 running shoes. The good doctor reveals her opinion of the Gt 2170 version with the rhetorical question: "Asics ... what did you do?"

While Dr. Sanders has long been giving the Asics 2100 Series highly favorable reviews - since 2008 - this iteration has left her displeased.

Here are some of Dr. Sanders criticisms/concerns.

  • While these shoes are lighter weight, she feels Asics has sacrificed the quality usually associated with this running shoe series.
  • The 2170's heel counter is not as firm or snug to the heel as the 2160 was.The EVA medial mid sole of the 2170 running shoes is not as firm.
  • The Linear forefoot Flex Groove is insufficiently firm to resist forefoot flexion.
  • The lateral outsole and mid-sole. The 2170 has a gel inset which Dr. Sanders says increases heel strike compression which results in increased forefoot pronation - and the potential for problems.

Dr. Sanders feels that if you have been previously running in a pair of Asics Gt 2160 running shoes, the Gt 2170s may well leave you disappointed. She ends her video by recommending you try a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 running shoes.

Do you have a pair of Asics Gt 2170s? How do they rate?

4 out of 5 stars from 5 ratings of Asics Gt 2170 running shoes

Okay, just what is the most highly rated running shoe?

It's the Asics Men's Gel Kayano running shoe. Reviewers gave these shoes a combined rating of 4.7 stars.

Nearly 800 souls ( pun there) gave a review.

What did they most like?

They most often mentioned comfort, cushion, support and stability.

Comparing the Different Categories of Athletic Shoes

With all the different athletic shoes out on the market finding the right pair of shoes for you and your need can be a perplexing problem.Modern day shoes employ a plethora of whiz bang technology to design and manufacture a variety of shoe types frm which you can choose.

Athletic shoes in the Structured Cushioning category work best for runners who in their natural gait pronate slightly more than normal. The body's natural pronation helps to attenuate the shock of the foot striking the running surface. Structured Cushioning works well for the athlete that needs shoes that help control a small degree of over pronation.

Shoes of the Structured category are designed for runners that need a great deal of shock attenuation. They need this protection because of their lack of natural shock absorption. These runners typically take the brunt of the landing forces in their bones and joints as opposed to the body's connective tissues.

Runners that need a Maximum Support shoe also do not use the body's natural shock attenuation processes well. These runners tend to land with a flat foot in an overtly pronated position.

Trail shoes are designed for the unique needs of off road running. These specialized shoe often feature water resistant uppers and special tongue designs for the trails.

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