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Asics Gel Fluent 3 Trainer Running Shoe Review

Updated on August 27, 2010

Review of Asics Gel Fluent Trainer

Asics Running shoes are great whether you are looking for a shoe that features cushion, stability or both. I have worn several pairs of Asics shoes over the years and recently purchased the Asics Gel Fluent Trainer 3 for Women. The Under Armour Shoe I had been wearing the the past six months had been discontinued and I was left looking for a new favorite shoe. I tried on several pairs I had worn in the past or wanted to try and had not run in a trainer before. I was looking for a shoe to run 6-9 miles a week in and use on a track or outside on the road. Here are a few things I found with the Asics Gel Fluent that I have found make it differ from Asics other Running shoes (e.g. Gel 1100 series and 2100 series):

  • Lower profile heel with gel cushion
  • Added stability without the rigid support traditionally designed for over-pronators
  • Breathable mesh upper can accommodate a slightly wider foot in the fore-foot area
  • Arch support for runners with a high arch or neutral arch without being uncomfortable for those with a flat foot
  • Lightweight design

Testing the Asics Fluent Trainer

I have high arches and have found it difficult to find a shoe that has cushion and also reduces the impact on my heel. This shoe allows me to run with more impact on my mid-foot and focus my attentions on balance and form. I found when I wore shoes with higher heels for cushion that is put more focus on my heel-strike. Running in this Asics Fluent makes running feel more natural.

After my first 4.2 mile run in this shoe, my calves were more sore than usual from a run- but during the run I had more endurance. I enjoyed that the shoe hugged my arch and I could feel the way my foot was hitting the ground. My weight was distributed properly and the shoe was comfortable.

Unfortunately by my third run one of the arches in my food started to hurt and one of the kneecaps on the opposite foot. This shoe possible did not have enough cushion for me. Also, the front of the shoe folded up at the crease where the laces end and I got blisters on my foot. I fit the shoe properly but the way the shoe fit, it felt uncomfortable. I had to return these shoes and am going to try another pair.


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