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Asics Nimbus 13 - Are They Too Narrow or Just Right For You?

Updated on April 2, 2012

Are Asics Nimbus 13 The Right Running Shoes For You?

Matthew, who has purchased various running shoes from Asics over the years, finds the Asics Nimbus 13 running shoes the best performance running shoes yet for his foot type and running style. He likes the comfort and lightweight of his new shoes.

He also mentioned the durability and adequate cushioning.Matthew is a happy customer who intends to keep on buying his shoes from Asics.

Kyle calls his Nimbus 13s the "most comfortable and durable shoe I have ever owned." He is a football coach and is on his feet much of the day. After 3 months of use his shoes are holding up very well.

Tom had a problem at first with the tight toe box. this was surprising because he'd never encountered this with previous Asics shoes. Fortunately he reports that after a "little breaking in because they are starting to feel really good and I have decided to keep them."

Shannon has been training for marathons and half marathons with Asics Nimbus shoes for 3 years. She loved the Nimbus 11 and Nimbus 12 running shoes but is returning her Nimbus 13s. It seems she has encountered a problem similar to several women with this model. We found several women who were happy with the Nimbus 12 model but disappointed in this latest model of the Nimbus shoes.

Some women report that this shoes is too narrow and uncomfortable. still others like Holly are happy with their shoes. Holly says, "These shoes have great support and comfort for me for running."

Will the Asics Nimbus 13 running shoes be a great fit for you? Or will they be too narrow and uncomfortable? That depends on you and your style of running. Many folks have reported good results and are happy with their shoes. A good number were dissatisfied as well. We suggest you read through the wealth of unbiased information available from customer reviews like these.

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Finding the Right Shoe

Finding the right shoes for you and your style of running is quite important for runners - especially serious runners that pound the pavement for miles and miles each week.

Your gait and how you pronate are factors to consider when selecting running shoes.

AsicsAmerica has a shoe fit guide that will walk you through the process.

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