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Astigmatism Contact Lens

Updated on September 26, 2010

Astigmatism is an eye ailment resulting in blurred vision. It is caused by the non-symmetry between the shape of the cornea and the lens of the eye. The cornea is in an oblong shape resulting in loss of vision. In astigmatism, there is a difference in curvature in the various medians of they eye.

Based on myopia and hyperopia, there are five types of astigmatism. Simple myopic astigmatism is where one meridian is nearsighted while the other is free of any ailments. The second is compound myopic astigmatism, where one meridian is nearsighted and the other shares the same symptom but on a much broader scale.

The other is called simple hyperopic astigmatism where in one meridian is farsighted while the other is free of both myopia and hyperopia. The other called hyperopic astigmatism means that both meridians are farsighted with one having a graver condition.

Astigmatism Contact Lens
Astigmatism Contact Lens

The last condition is mixed astigmatism, where one meridian is nearsighted while the other is farsighted. Contact lenses are a form of treatment for astigmatism. Toric contacts are the contacts that is used for treating astigmatism.

They are composed of the same materials used by both soft or regular gas permeable contact lenses. Toric lenses have two powers in them; one is for treatment of astigmatism, the other for either myopia or hyperopia. It also includes a mechanism that keeps the lenses’ stability when the user blinks or looks around.

It is important to have a eye examination with an eye practitioner to check if you are fit to wear toric lenses. Doctors may choose to fit the patient with a higher-powered spherical soft lens to mask the astigmatic concerns. This fitting process deals with trial and error for both patient and doctor.

There are a significant number of companies producing astigmatism contact lens. Better have your eye check with a doctor so he or she can recommend a good brand for you. Toric contact lenses are available as frequent replacements, disposable and even daily disposables.


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