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Home Tattoo Removal: Tattoo Removal Creams

Updated on February 18, 2013

Tattoo Removal Programs

Latest Tattoo Removal

Having sat still in the chair, enduring the pain, while the tattoo artist applied his skills at creating the work of art that would last forever on your body; now years later you are looking at tattoo removal options.

Maybe you are a little older and wiser, or tattoos have lost their appeal at this stage of your life. After researching the various methods you have eliminated surgery, the cost of laser removal is a little to high for you. Home tattoo removal appears to be cost effective and sounds a lot less painful. Best of all it can be just as effective as surgery.

Removing Tattoos

The first point to remember is that all these removal systems require time and repeated applications to work properly. Be sure that you follow the instructions for best results. TCA is probably one of the most effective removal techniques. TCA is a peeling agent that is used by Dermatologist to remove warts, stretch marks, and calluses. You apply the TCA with a cotton ball or Q-Tip to the tattoo. This will cause an inflammatory response to occur, which results in skin exfoliation (top layers of skin peels off). The inflammation causes the pigment (ink) that was used to create the tattoo to move up through the layers of skin and slowly peel off.

When this next tattoo removal technique is used correctly it is very effective.

Alpha hydroxyl acid, also known as glycolic acid tattoo removal, is a peeling agent and causes an inflammatory reaction to occur in the skin. The ink will then move up and out of the skin as the skin flakes off. The primary difference between Glycolic Acid and TCA is that the TCA works faster than Glycolic Acid.

Why Use Glycolic Acid? Both of these home tattoo removal methods are acid based, the difference being how your body will respond to each individual chemical agent. Some people are sensitive to TCA and are not able to tolerate it. In these cases the Glycolic Acid is the preferred exfoliating agent.

Our next choice for at home tattoo removal is chemical extraction technique. This is one of the older removal methods. Topical applications to the skin of the exfoliating agents were involved in the previous methods. With this method Glycolic Acid is injected into the tattoo. This is a slightly more invasive technique than topical application to the tattoo. The same process used to get your tattoo is now used to remove it. If you would decide to use this method of removal it is recommended that you get a trained professional to do this technique for you. While it is possible to do at home, it is not recommended.

Tattoos Removal Cream are another option for you to consider. There are a number of creams available and just like anything else, some work better than others. As mentioned before, follow the directions for best results, just like TCA and Glycolic Acid, creams take time to work. Be patient.

Tattoo Removal Options We are all unique and react differently to different products. Take your time to find the specific home tattoo removal technique that will work for you!

Affordable Painless Home Tattoo Removal

The tattoo from yesterday may no longer be desired today. Situations change and what was popular one day is frequently out of style the next. Evaluating your tattoo removal options will help determine your choice of a tattoo removal system. Advancements made in home tattoo removal methods offer an affordable and effective alternative to removing unwanted tattoos.

WreckingBalm System.

The Wrecking Balm Tattoo Remover system combines the use of an FDA approved dermal instrument in combination with exfoliates that remove the top layer of skin, allowing a deeper penetration into skin layers. This will speed the normal rate of skin cell turnover, there by allowing the body to removal of tattoo ink without discomfort.

Tattoo Removal Balm: If after evaluating this product you decide to purchase product from above website I will receive a commission for introducing you to WreckingBalm.


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