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Attractive Nail Art Designs!!

Updated on April 7, 2014

Love Nail Art

I am fondly in love with Nail Art. I love experimenting different colors. When i see a girl with her attitude on and nails painted, you know she's got spunk right? Nail Art may have been developed lately but it has a choice to rule over.

If we are moody we could try on black or brown nail Art, if we are Happy we try on floral paint designs, when we are into music, music symbols are on our nails. What couldn't we paint on our nails?

History of Nail Art

Since I'm very fond of designing my nails according to my mood everyday, i actually sat down to research from where Nail Art originated? It came to my knowledge that Long before, the Chinese were the ones that used enamel on their fingers. They applied the substance and left it to sit for several hours, the result was a pink finish on their nails. This was the beginning of nail art and the earliest records. As time moved on, nail art became a symbol to communicate between subcultures. Goths for example started to sport black nail polish, as did rock stars and punks. But now it can be the earliest symbols of our emotions shown on nails.

The latest's in nail fashion? The introduction of Nail wraps as in the metallic nails range. They are per-printed designs allowing complex patterns and reflective metallic finishes that are not possible through traditional methods and are applied with heat activation allowing the designs to be finished in a fraction of the time. They even protect nails from scratches and don't chip lasting for over 1 month and truly are the latest breakthrough in nail art. I love it. You have got to try them.

Nail Art can be of various designs, color and symbolic to your mood. It accentuates and enhances the look of every girl.

“I am different when my nails are done. I am more dynamic. I gesticulate more, I am better at scaring my staff. I can indicate impatience by drumming on tabletops and I can wrap up a meeting with a few choice clatters.”
Marian Keyes

As Marian Keyes states that everything is possible when her nails are done and that she fluctuates mood every time she does her nails. Every girl can be a fashion icon just stealing the looks of a celebrity painted nail art. Celebrities across the world love painting designs and in fact the manicurists are the highest paid to fashion the celebrity hands. I would wholeheartedly suggest that everybody move out their doors wearing designed nails. They can be suited to every dressing and to make a beauty statement. The latest trends in store varies according to jeweled and rhinestone dressings across the nails. It does make a woman look pretty.

Dont go to extreme level piercing jewels and accessories on nails piercing your nails with an accessory or shaping your nails curly. They of course would look bizarre!! But do go out with a Rhinestone dressing or Marble Arts. Its awesome!!

Get Creative!!

Designs that are the complex like the Blue Turquoise Floral Sketch, Aquamarine Paints and Red Ethnic Designs catch my attention. A girl with a matching attitude to her nails and what she's wearing is everything noticeable to a guy. It may seem the smallest decorative part on your body, But its a Huge Statement!!

Try out manicuring your nails to get the perfect Nails before setting out to Office or Visiting friends. Make sure you take great care of your nails and then apply your designs. You could manicure your nails at home with the DIY method or go to the Saloon to professionalize your nails. But i suggest you to try it at home, its simple! All you need is Nail polish remover cotton swabs, Cuticle trimmer, Nail buffer, Nail trimmers, Nail file, Cuticle or hand cream, Nail polish, Base coat, Top coat. After your done manicuring your nails. Start off with your designs....


I do the Mexican Sugar Skulls every time I'm lazy. They are inspired by the traditional sugar skull sweets served for the holiday. For that you need White, Green, Yellow, Pink, blue, Red and Clear nail polishes, a small paintbrush, dotting tool, toothpick and yeah that's it!
First paint your nails with the white nail polish and let it set. put up small dot with your dotting tool for the eyes, two smaller dots and join them to make a heart shape which is the nose. Make two more dots for teeth and let it dry. then make smaller white dots on top.
Draw a horizontal line line on top of the white and small vetical lines for the teeth. finally, add dots in different colors around the eyes. Put on a top coat to seal the base. And then you will have perfectly set Mexican sugar skulls embroidered on your nails.

Red Romance Nail Art done by Suzanne Lobo
Red Romance Nail Art done by Suzanne Lobo

The other one that I'm fond of doing when i get very lazy is the Red Romance.Perfectly easier, simple and beautiful. I learnt it from my best friend Kim who loves Nail Art as much as i do. I have even shared a pic of my Red Romance nails. ( See the inset ). It starts off with having just a Red and white Nail polish. Paint your nails Red and then draw out a simple Rose standing in the corner of your nail. You could draw it on all your nails, but i draw it on one. It is very Simple.

Some brands try to innovate by creating new kinds of nail polish with surprising effects.

  • New textures: The "caviar" consist of little microbeads or velvet powder which is applied just before the nail polish becomes dry. These textures give a "sand" effect due to the presence of particles in the nail polish.
  • Holographic effect: Since they contain holographic particles when these nail polishes are applied to nails and then exposed to light, an effect of "rainbow" appears. Hologram nail art.
  • Cracked effect : The nail polish with this effect must be applied on a basic nail polish. In the application on this effect, the lacquer disperses and gives an effect of cracking.
  • Thermo chromic nail effect: The effect changes color depending on the temperature. It can change while exposed to heat or cold, or even "degraded" at room temperature because the nail root is hotter than the nail edge.
  • Matte effect: These nail polishes can transform a layer of nail polish in a shimmering matte finish.
  • Inverse French manicure: It is also called a "half-moon" and it is considered as one of the fundamentals of nail art. The half-moon is created on the root of the nail in one color while the rest of the nail is colored in different color.
  • Nail sticker effect: There is a large range of items to customize nails from multicolored confetti to tie and dye kaleidoscopic stickers. It is applied on the base of the nails and fixed with glue.

This Easter you could go out with Easter bunny nails or a yellow paint with a candy egg. It would look extremely beautiful on a girl wearing a matching outfit this Easter to her nails. This Easter use Glitter, Nail Art Pens, Piercings and Water marbling.

Easter Nail Art
Easter Nail Art

This is one of my favourite designs. Try it out to accentuate your mood or Outing. It could enhance your look and within time you could come up with designs of your own!!

Yummy Sweets Nail Art

Get creative and keep beautifying your nails because “You can tell a lot from a person's nails. When a life starts to unravel, they're among the first to go.”


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    • Siena1996 profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you Suzanne, I wanna make all the designs. Thanks so much

    • Siena1996 profile image


      5 years ago

      Awesome Article


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