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Aubade Lingerie For Women

Updated on August 25, 2015

Aubade – A Brief History

The Aubade brand of women’s lingerie is well known among those who enjoy purchasing and wearing fine French undergarments. Created in 1958 by Frenchman Charles Pasquier, this trade name stands for quality, style, and sensuality.

Aubade was the first brand that understood the need for underclothing that could be a part of the seduction process. The company created and designed lingerie that boldly proclaimed the pleasure such garments can create for the women who wear them, as well as their partners.

Innovative throughout the years, Aubade lingerie was always ahead of its peers with its choices that help to make the brand a front-runner in the history of women’s lingerie. Their introduction of coordinating items in 1963, strapless and halter bras in 1972, the front fastening Agrafe Coeur bra in 1974, a suspender belt bikini panty in 1975, and in 2001, the String Minimum, known as the smallest g-string panty in the world set the company apart. A swimwear collection, Aubade Ocean, was first introduced in 2003.

Aubade Today

During 2005, the Aubade brand name and product line became the property of a Swiss company by the name of Calida. Aubade stores were opened in 2006. These days, the third generation of Charles Pasquier’s family is still working together to continue and improve upon the product ideas that the company founder started back in the 1950s.  Aubade has always been thought of as lingerie pioneers by those who love the brand.

Aubade’s competitors watch them keenly, noting each new product innovation and figuring out a way to include something similar in their own product lines, for if any of their own creations can even come close to the appearance and fit of an Aubade garment, they know such supposed clones can become best sellers for their company.

Aubade Lingerie

Aubade Lingerie is quite sensuous, and their collections seem to span every aspect of sensuality.  The new Spring and Summer swimwear and lingerie and the Fall and Winter lingerie selections of bras, panties, and garter belts are anxiously awaited by women and men all over the world. There are a wide range of styles, including bras with full cups, demi cups, and strapless and wireless choices. Triangle bras and shelf bras are typical Aubade lingerie choices.

Panties include g-strings, thongs, briefs, bikinis, and those that are boy short and culottes’ style. The color selection enjoyed by Aubade lingerie aficionados includes red, violet, gray, silver, blue, coral, ivory, black, basic white, and a variety of multi-colored garments.

Aubade lingerie also comes in sets for those who enjoy having undergarments that match exactly. These sets are also highly popular for those who are planning a wedding, or who need a gift for a woman friend who is to be married.

Aubade Collectibles

Aubade is unique in that it recognizes the effect that a woman dressed in beautiful and semi-revealing, yet quite refined lingerie can have on the male population. They have taken this knowledge and put it to good use by creating an Aubade Calendar. The first edition of this calendar appeared in 1998. It featured several beautiful models, dressed in a variety of gorgeous Aubade lingerie.

These calendars continue to be available in limited numbers at the end of each year with the purchase of an Aubade ornament. You can consider yourself lucky if you are able to obtain one of them, for these calendars are considered not just as objects to keep up with the days, weeks, and months, but as collector’s items by most people.

There is also an Aubade CD of sensual Latin music for sale at the Audabe stores; presumably to be played in the background while one is modeling the Audabe lingerie for a significant other!

You can also purchase an Aubade “Intimate talk box of correspondence”, or fine stationary in many bookshops as well as at Aubade stores. The stationary set consists of 30 note cards, which are suitable for many types of correspondence.  They are illustrated with photos of models who are wearing various types of the luxury French lingerie.

Aubade also publishes an agenda diary and other small accessories such as limited edition tarot cards, a key ring, a memorable fragrance known as Parfume d Ambience, and an exciting art book titled “Art to Like”.

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