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Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Women's Swiss Watches Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Jules Audemars Ladies'

Audemars Piguet Ladies' Jules Audemars is a tightly compounded collection of classically designed luxury and elegant watches with some fashion flourishes and a few complications.

The main lines produced at the start of the century– hours and minutes, chronograph and tourbillon – offer traditionally inclined profiles that deviate significantly from convention as to betray signs of originality.

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Ladies | Satin | Diamonds
Ladies | Satin | Diamonds
Ladies | Satin | Diamonds

Style and Design

Jules Audemars Ladies' hour and minutes line abandons the mandatory diamond indices, and goes for unpretentious Roman numerals (if colored in some models) instead. This line also colors the hands in particular models, and encircles the seconds subdial with small damonds (perhaps to compensate for the depraved indices).

In what seems like a foreshadow of Millenary, this collection incorporates an additional (to the small seconds-hand) inner circle that confines the numbers into a separate ring. This design brings to mind a circus arena: hands perform in the center while the numerals observe.

Not surprisingly, this segment also accommodates the company's most basic, unadorned watches (classic dressy), the only decoration being an unobtrusive central guilloche, and the logo. Interestingly, the watchmaker will not provide a central seconds or strictly minutes and hours variations – as we mentioned in a related review, total minimalism would go against Audemars Piguet spirit.


Jules Audemars Ladies chronographs demonstrate the most arresting visual design. The additional function in these watches makes them the kin of Royal Oak Offshore Ladies as much as of the mother collection. The chronographs were painted either yellow or soft pink – two vivacious colors – while the guilloche on the dials creates an unmistakeble three-dimensional sphere that alludes to Earth.

Arabic numerals were distorted according to the pattern's geometrical logic, and fit into the entire dial design. Openings were carved in the large feather-shaped hands: their size marks utility orientation, while the carvings ensure lacy lightness – of travel, of pastime, of life.

These women's chronographs are extravagant timers that don't pretend to be anything else. The overall combination of diamonds, color, precious metals, and exuberant visual ornament produce original timepieces with distinct character and zest we enjoy discovering in people, not just watches.


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