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Audemars Piguet Millenary Women's Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Millenary Ladies

Audemars Piguet Ladies Millenary injects playfulness and energy into the men's line – all by modifying existing features, and introducing new ones. This line omits the serious (if ironic) tone, shakes and simplifies the design: the result is a vivacious collection of watches where color and symbols correlate in harmonious, seductive fashion.

In a way, women's Millenary brings the collection to its logical conclusion. One particular model, Precieuse, anticipates the high jewelry feminine collection.

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Millenary | Ladies | Diamonds
Millenary | Ladies | Diamonds
Millenary | Ladies | Diamonds

Style and Design

All the basic elements that define men's Millenary are still there: the circle within a circle pattern, the combination of Roman and Arabic numeral, the colors. The ladies line even puts mother-of-pearl on to the dials, while the bezels are accurately set with diamonds.

Yet each dial, beneath all the time reading components, consists of a single uninterrupted block of color – an important feature that gets lost in the male watches, where it's obscured by the two sets of ciphers.

Ladies division avoids the repetition: it juxtaposes Roman with Arabic, assigning numbers from VII to XI (I assume no pun intended) to the former and 12 to 6 to the latter. Thus, the desire to marry the two kinds of numeral representations is finally consummated!

Starlit Sky

The Black and White line epitomizes said reduction by offsetting men's fortepiano model; it uses the same colors, but in a clearly less complex way. Eventually, however, the Black and White version, due to the strict color scheme, is the most visually reserved of women's models. Millenary offers only a few complications (date and power reserve indication, moon phases), focusing instead on the jewelry option.

The exquisite Starlit Sky is the outcome of this jewelry focus – a watch that incorporates aventurine, and 392 diamonds, set on the entire white gold case and that part of the dial which was shaped as a crescent. Appropriately enough, Starlit Sky includes moon phases subdial, while the entire dial design forms a visual representation of a night, starlit sky.


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