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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Offshore) Women's Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Royal Oak Ladies'

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore ladies' watches, collectively known as Prestige Sports, stand on the border between high fashion and jewelry design.

Even if we take into account the influence of the brand's recognizably robust sports designs, both of these sports collections won't fit into any known category – they create one of their own.

The trademark octagonal bezel, set with diamonds, becomes a decorative element rather than a statement of character, as it was in the men's pieces. The hexagonal screws lose some of their punch when surrounded by diamonds.

Two protrusions from the one-block lugs, which form two extra lugs, also turn into a decorative component, mellowing the impression of harsh unity, which may be too imposing for the female wearers.

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Ladies | Diamonds | Gold
Ladies | Diamonds | Gold
Ladies | Diamonds | Gold

Design and Style

Both collection habitually use color. Rich and exuberant, it dominates the character of the watches by coloring the dials: light and dark brown, light and dark blue, thick purple, light green, orange, and gold.

A band, a rubber strap, and push-buttons of matching hues complement each timepiece, generating a sense of aesthetic harmony. The Allinghi and Ladycat versions come in white and pink respectively.


Both segments set the indices with diamonds, but Royal Oak offers a more light variation with leaf-shaped markers. It's generally more reserved than the Offshore: the colors are not as bright, and, since it lacks complications, the dials are unoccupied and present a calm, relaxed face (mother-of-pearl or guilloche).

The stainless steel and the diamond-paved watches go beyond calm – they are outright cool, projecting independence and indifference. These variations radiate feminine power, and form a worthy counterpart to the bulky massive men's watches – all the while elegantly shunning bulkiness and massiveness.

To conclude, while Royal Oak Offshore is more outwardly expressive than the understated Royal Oak, both display strength and focus of character. It's true that not everyone has such character, but those who do – know it.


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