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Authentic Vintage Nylons

Updated on October 13, 2009

Everything was better in the old days. The air was cleaner, the grass was greener, puppies were more puppier (it stands to reason that would be true, even if it is an untenable and nonsensical claim.) Even lingerie was better. Vintage nylons remind us of these simpler times, when the art of the nylon stocking was still in its infancy. Nowadays it might be hard to imagine a world without nylons, but at one time men and women suffered in a word without silky material caressing their legs, showing them off to their best advantage, and by purchasing authentic vintage nylons we can relive the excitement of the 1940's housewife all over again.

Authentic vintage nylons are beautiful examples of early nylon craft. Nylons were, of course, first developed in 1939 by DuPont, and became immediately popular among women, so much so that a black market emerged during the war whilst the majority of Britain's nylon producing capabilities were tied up with producing war materials like parachutes and what not. Things didn't improve after the war either, in fact in the years after WWII there were actual riots where women would wait for hours to purchase stockings and would even get into fist fights over nylons because they were in such short supply. Their soldiers were home, or what was left of them anyway, and the ladies were out to impress. Fortunately DuPont increased production of nylons, and in a sort of lingerie covenant, supplies have never run so low since.

Though it is rare to see anyone engage in fisticuffs over nylon stockings today, authentic vintage nylons are very much a collector's item, and some lingerie pundits predict that the supply of vintage nylons could be dwindling fast. In a few years the only way to purchase vintage nylons may be through private dealers, so in some ways, purchasing a pair of vintage nylons isn't just indulging your lingerie desires, its making an investment for the future, assuming you just put the package in your lingerie drawer and never open it.

At the moment, prices for vintage nylons are still relatively reasonable, with a pair of vintage nylons selling from around 30 USD to about 60 USD. Especially rare authentic vintage nylons may cost a little more. Buy two packs, enjoy one now, and save the other as a family heirloom. Subsequent generations can sell your collection to make the down payment on their personal space jet pack.


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      9 years ago

      Hi there Hope these are my favourite stockings and would love to wear them 24/7 but being a man in business it is difficult to wear them every day.I just love the suspender belts and paraphernalia that goes with them and find it very sensual to wear them.I also love the stay up version of these,nothing nicer that a lovely soft pair of panties and sensual stockings pulled over freshly shaved legs. Keep up the hubs wonder girl.


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