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Adventures of Keratin

Updated on August 16, 2012
Does the natural remedies of Keratin work for you?
Does the natural remedies of Keratin work for you?

A little goes a Long way (pt.1)

By: Anastasia Vaughan

So by now you’ve probably run into a friend or two along the way who has ditched their relaxers in favor of a new ethnic hair adventure. The keratin adventure,it is the one in which your close girlfriend, college roommate, or that hair conscious female relative or possible neighbor of yours has experimented with and probably endorsed for that perfect result for straightening your natural crown without ruthless chemical damage.

Brazilian keratin treatments make the bold promises of taking the components of kinky, curly, frizzy manes to straight and sleek hydrated hair. But in all honesty one must be willing to admit that these promises have all been made before from one product or another that just couldn’t seem to make it work. So suppose we buy into the hype of this new “dream treatment” what are some of the boundaries that could possibly be stopping me as well as countless other women for that matter from embarking on the keratin journey at the local salon of choice?

Well, perhaps if you are on a budget where money is an object the $100 experimental price tag may seem like a little too heavy for those of us whose wallets are financially sitting on the shallow end of a trendy sea as our pockets collect lint until we can do better. I don’t know about you but in order for me to spend that type of money I’m definitely a woman who needs proof that my money won’t be wasted in the mist of such a conservative economic time. (Yep, I even still cry soft little pleading pellets of teary eyed self sympathy every time I board a Broward bus only to insert just enough money to get me an all day pass.)

So after hearing from a select group of both friends as well as associates alike that salon treatments could go upwards of $100 to $200 depending on your stylist I decided to see if their was a do it yourself journey that could be followed in aid of saving money. Seeing how money is extra slow in life at this time I decided the test of this product would definitely have to be if each individual product could independently stand on its own without an entire set. The answer I found to the Organix brand keratin concoction was yes.

The entire Organix keratin adventure began oddly enough by accepting a free 60 day trial membership at BJ’s in the shampoo aisle in which I discovered at the time the shampoo and the conditioner in the XL sizes for about $9.99 a piece. Together with tax the whole thing cost me $21.50. Thought the back of the bottle encourages you to use jointly with other keratin treatments if your hair is at the mid-way point in its relaxed stages where you are not in need of a touch up on your roots this product will work like a dream.

The Learning Curve:The time in which my over hyped shampoo adventure started was 6:45 pm on a Sunday evening. My hair texture at the time despite being at the mid-way point between needing a relaxer and not need one was very dirty with a matted, fury with a balled up around the ends quality to it as it suffered from dehydration. I was basically rocking soft wavy roots with a twist of unruly kink in the front with baby dumpling tear drop naps in the back. The shampoo bottle suggests that you need to wash out hair and repeat the shampoo process 2 times if you find that your hair is coarse. The hair basically remained rough until the condition hit it and sat in the hair for its standard 5 minutes condition. As you use the conditioner follow the old saying as you normally would “set it and forget it.”

Depending on the natural thickness of your hair if you are using this conditioner for the first time you may feel a natural warm tingle that the bottle did not mention. Perhaps this is the hydration process at work. When using a keratin shampoo you will notice that when you wash your hair the shampoo as well as the conditioner carries a very different naturalistic homemade scent that you may just feel as if could have created it yourself.

Side note: I have recently since using the shampoo and conditioner tried the flat iron spray which though it worked not using the entire kit or being able to spray the actual spray on the roots of the hair is a huge setback which would make the 30 day and 14 day kits worth it. Also keep in mind that flat ironing in general is not my strong styling suit.

The Final Verdict:The shampoo and conditioner can be a used as an easy fix to help rejuvenate the ends of your hair. However, this fix does little or nothing for your roots enhancement. Can it replace your standard relaxer? It all depends on the situation and if you are willing to either commit to having the process done at a salon professionally or if you personally decide to indulge in the at home Walgreen’s treatment once a month every month. You can not depend on the basics for drastic change. However, if the shampoo and conditioner are tell tale signs as to wither the product works or not than I must say it makes a strong case that side’s with all the goodness it is made of. There are a total of 8 possible products that can complete your keratin set if your interested please see the listings below which are all examples of Organix products that can found at Walgreen’s drugstores currently not sold at Kmart at the moment.

  1. Shampoo $8.49-$9.99
  2. Conditioner $8.49-$9.99
  3. 30 –Day Smoothing Treatment $15.99
  4. Flat Iron Spray $8.50
  5. Anti-Breakage Serum $8.21 & up
  6. 14 Day Smoothing Treatment $9.99
  7. Hydrating Keratin Masque $8.50-$14.99
  8. Shimmering Keratin Oil $8.99

Good luck on your own personal adventure!

4 stars for Keratin Hair Treatment Products By Organix


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    • Anastasia Vaughan profile image

      Anastasia Vaughan 5 years ago from From Miami Fl to Hollywood Fl

      All my friends started using Keratin treaments at the salon but like I said I couldn't afford it but the shampoo and conditinor works like a dream once you set your hair when you try whatever treatments I haven't pls do get back to me. Thnaks for reading my hub.

    • St8teofmind profile image

      Patrice J. Simpson 5 years ago

      Thank you for this. I have been using Argon oil treatment for my natural hair and I am convinced my hair does not want to get any longer but continues to grow (which is weird) and now also dabbing in on keratin treatments as well I know why.


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