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Avoid The Mistakes In Eyebrow Shaping

Updated on February 17, 2016

You must have seen cases where salons and eyebrow making service providers had just ruined the customers’ brows shape. Nothing can be worse than the scenario when you expect thick, bold and beautiful eyebrows and these turn out to be horribly thin and imbalanced. Denver eyebrow threading pays immense attention to this issue and that’s the reason, our experts make every effort to avoid any kind of mistake while making your eyebrows look beautiful. Brows can enhance or spoil the features of face. Being a layman, many of the women don’t exactly know what’s going on with their brows by the stylist; however, here are some of the most common and biggest mistakes to avoid. If you notice any of these, don’t hesitate to question the service provider. Even if you are tuning your brows yourself, these are quite helpful tips, which Denver eyebrow threading has especially compiled.

Mistake 1: Overwidening eyebrow gap for covering unibrow

It has been noticed that many people while making their unibrow’s shaggy ends, end up having more gap between the brows, than it should be. It doesn’t look natural at all and gives a very bad and flattened look. In order to fix this, hold something such as pencil or a brush vertically with the edge of inner tear duct. This shows the farthest you can pluck your eyebrow to.

Mistake 2: Making your brow color exactly matching to your hair color

This is usually faced by the people who take hair dye. If they have honey brown hair color, they are going to buy honey brown eyebrow pencil. If they bleach hair, they start thinking to have bleached eyebrows as well. Always keep in mind that there is no need to have an exact match here to have a great look. Choosing a shade of brown with a little tint that also goes with the hair color is usually the best option. If you are blonder, you can use various shades darker than hair.

Mistake 3: Overlooking the natural arch

Just because of the fact that your eyebrows don’t possess a sharp edged 45 degree arch, it doesn’t imply you have a zero arch there. Closely look your brows; there must be at least a little arch along the top edge. If you pluck hair in a way that hides your arch, it would look fierce. In order to fix it, match the top arch with the bottom edge. You would see that the arch turn out to be more distinct if shaped in its opposite side.


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