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Avon Anew-The Best Care to Give Your Skin

Updated on June 25, 2012

Why do I love Avon Anew? There are so many reasons. It's simple to use, it's economical and it's easy to buy. But most of all, because it works.

I've experimented with various face care products over the years and didn't see much difference in any of them. I've found some that I liked and others that I tossed the bottle in the trash immediately, but none of them impressed me. Until Avon Anew.

I like the fact that there are two different lotions for day and night. The night lotion is heavier and thicker and you awake in the morning with much smoother skin. The daytime lotion is more lightweight and not noticeable when you put makeup on. My skin has never felt softer than after I started using the Anew lotions.

The specialty products are impressive, too. I'll admit I haven't tried all of them, but I do use several. And I use the ones that are for older skin. I figure if I start early, then it will prevent as many signs of aging.

I've used the Avon Anew Clinical eyelift PRO dual eye system. I really like the gel; it feels soothing. And it does lighten the shadows under my eyes when I use it.

The Avon Anew Ultimate Elixir Premium is another product I like. While I don't have many wrinkles so I can't say how it does for lifting sagging skin, it does give my skin more glow and luminosity.

These are just a few of the many Anew products that Avon has. And while it isn't the cheapest on the market, a little goes a long way so it will last for several months. And I like the fact that you can either order through a representative or online. I would recommend it to anyone who is concerned with the health of their skin.


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