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Aziza Cosmetics Lengthening Mascara Review

Updated on October 30, 2013

I have tried so many mascaras - Dior, Clinique High Impact, Cover Girl Volumious and Lash Blast and many others. I was in Dollarama one day. I had ran out of mascara that morning and needed a new one. I really wasn't wanting to spend $11 for Lash Blast since I only bought the last tube 6 weeks earlier.

I keep my mascaras for 3 months or less depending on it it starts to flake or get clumpy. When either of these things happen it irritates my eyes so badly that I don't even want to put mascara on.

I always go in the beauty aisle in Dollarama since I buy on every trip makeup wipes and cotton rounds. So I grabbed an Aziza mascara to try. The next morning I used it after I put on my eye makeup and was happily surprised.

I use it for about a month and then toss it. It has a great brush and defines my lashes just as well as other mascaras that cost $11 or more - even the $25 mascaras. I love Lash Blast but since it costs $12 here, it lasts 3 months and works about the same but I'm now saving $9 and change my mascara more often. I have less eye irritation.

What mascaras have you tried and what do you use most often?


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    • profile image

      Casey 3 years ago

      When you wash it off in the shower it doesnt smeer it just comes without any drama cx