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Soothing Painful Razor Burn [Tend Skin] for Men and Women

Updated on December 10, 2012

Tend Skin

What is Tend Skin and Why is it so Special?

To start with Ten Skin has been developed using NO animal testing! The Tend Skin liquid products require no mixing and no preparation before you use them; simply open and apply! No other product can do what Tend Skin can for your painful and ugly ingrown hairs and/or razor bumps. After the first application, you will find relief and cool smooth healthy looking skin! What could be more special?

Tend Skin

Why is Tend Skin Such a Remarkable Product?

  • No other product in the world can do all that Tend Skin Liquid does
  • Works extremely well on ingrown hairs and razor bumps
  • Tend Skin calms razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs in 24 hours
  • Easy to apply the lotion to legs, face, underarms, bikini area, face or neck
  • Tend Skin is great for men! Use as needed after hair removal or daily to prevent any bumps from popping up on your beautiful skin

A Close-up Look at Razor Bumps vs Ingrown Hair; they are different!


What Causes Razor Bumps to Develop?

These occur when the hair (usually beard hair) grows up and out of the skin and then curls back down burrowing into the surrounding skin area, causing an unsightly "bump." Razor bumps form on the beard-area, mostly in black men, whereas only 15-20% of Caucasian men find this a problem. These bumps are known to also form in the bikini and arm-pit zone of women.


What Causes an Ingrown Hair to Develop?

These form following hair removal procedures— i.e., shaving, waxing, electrolysis or any other hair removal—when the hair starts to grow up and out of the skin. This growing hair can't make it out from under the skin surface, getting caught on or under the edge of hair follicle. Because the hair will continue to grow under the skin, it curls around and around on itself, which painfully causes those unsightly bumps to pop up all over the hair removal area. (Similarly to how the razor bumps are formed by the hair curling back on itself above the skin surface.)


Diagram showing the main→ differentiated layers in a mature hair follicle. The hair follicle penetrates the dermal layer of the skin composed of cells and collagen connective tissue interspersed with blood vessels, sweat glands and sensory nerves. The bulb region sits in the subcutaneous tissue layer.


Bikini Razor Burn Before and After TEND SKIN use


Relief From the Razor Burn and Bumps of Hair Removal

The most sensitive area we shave has finally been brought the relief from unsightly hair removal bumps. As you can see to the right;

  • Before the application of Tend Skin, the bikini area is covered in embarrassing bumps (not a look we want to take with us to the beach or pool).
  • In the after picture you see clear bump free skin. Now this is a look we proudly display on a sunny beach, pool side, or during a romantic evening at home.

Only one application has proven to show amazing result!

Neck irritation caused by hair removal Before and After "Tend Skin" use


We all Can Suffer From Hair Removal Bumps...

Even as we all can suffer from the irritation of today's hair removal processes, it is an unfortunate fact that Black men seem to suffer from the condition more so than others. Only 15-20% of Caucasian men find trouble in this situation. The good news is that all of us, regardless of color, can find relief from ingrown hairs as well as razor bumps!

As shown in the before and after shots at right;

  • Before using Tend Skin the skin shows painful irritation bumps caused by the hair removal process. A single shave can bring real discomfort and ugly raised bumps to the neck and face area.
  • After using the products, a remarkable change occurs, offering smoother pain-free ebony skin. Even the toughest beard and most sensitive skin will find relief with Tend Skin.

By applying Tend Skin, those unmanageable and irritating skin bumps caused by hair removal quickly turn to comfortable smooth and sexy-soft skin!


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  • prettydarkhorse profile image


    10 years ago from US

    Thanks for the information that goes with sales of product, Nice, Maita

  • LeanMan profile image


    10 years ago from At the Gemba

    A great selection of useful products, I just might try some for myself..

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    10 years ago from Northern, California

    Livelonger~Thanks for stopping by and I apreciate you passing the hub to a friend! Always humbled when you stop by...


  • livelonger profile image

    Jason Menayan 

    10 years ago from San Francisco

    Wow - great stuff! I have a good friend, a black guy, who constantly gets razor bumps. I'll let him know about this hub. :-)


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