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Baby Blue Tuxedo

Updated on October 2, 2010

Consider a Baby Blue Tuxedo for Your Groomsmen

If you're having trouble deciding what colors to choose for your groomsmen or groom, then why not consider a different shade tuxedo for a change, like the classic and elegant baby blue tuxedo. This type of tuxedo is a wonderful option for just the ring bearer or for your Halloween costume.

Made quite popular by the Dumb & Dumber film franchise, goofy and frilly baby blue tuxedos have also become a popular Halloween costume.

However, for the elegant wedding, baby blue tuxedos can be a unique choice for the groom or groomsmen as well. You just need to have an open mind and look toward the final overall vision. Just remember, you don't have to buy the full tuxedo, you can always rent them.

If the idea of your groomsmen wearing full baby blue tuxedos doesn't suit you, then you can always try wearing a black or white tuxedo with the baby blue tuxedo vest, tie or bow-tie, and/or a baby blue cummerbund. These can all make your wedding special and unique, just what everyone wants their wedding to be.

While eBay seems to have the greatest selection of boy's baby blue tuxedos, Amazon seems to have a wonderful selection of baby blue tuxedo accessories like the baby blue vest and baby blue bow ties. Both site's prices are phenomenal, so visit eBay or to see their current inventory on baby blue tuxedos and tuxedo accessories.

Baby Blue Tuxedo
Baby Blue Tuxedo

Baby Blue Tuxedos for Your Wedding

When most people picture a baby blue tuxedo, they picture a ruffled and ridiculous baby blue tuxedo with a baby blue top hat. While this is a great Halloween costume, and may have been popular in the seventies, a more classically designed baby blue tuxedo could be the right, smart option for your wedding.

Look for classically tailored baby blue tuxedos with the nicely fitting jacket that hits somewhere around the hip. Look for single breasted options or double-breasted tuxedo jackets. Also look for classically tailored baby blue tuxedo pants, not retro fitting bell-bottom types.

Choosing baby blue tuxedos could be a great way to make your wedding light, elegant, and memorable. Just choose the right color dresses for your bridesmaids as not to clash or detract with the baby blue tuxedos, and you will have an interestingly styled wedding. Others will talk about the bold choice of fashion, not your fashion faux-pas if you do it the right way.

If you want, dress the groomsmen in full baby blue tuxedos and the groom in a classic black or white tuxedo with baby blue tuxedo vest and other accessories. Or, you can choose to have the groom in a baby blue tuxedo and the groomsmen in regular classic black or white tuxedos with baby blue tuxedo vests and other accessories.

Then, you can dress your maid of honor in the same shade of baby blue, or your bridesmaids or all the girls. For the other girls, if they are not all in the same color, opt for a soft cool pastel green, soft turquoise, silver, or navy blue. It will be absolutely gorgeous and very different from anything you've ever seen.


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