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Best Baby Phat Scrubs

Updated on October 22, 2012

If you're familiar with the brand Baby Phat, you probably know that it was created by Kimora Lee Simmons; the model who was once married to Russell Simmons. And, if you weren't familiar with her, you are now. She has a very popular line of clothing and she's brought her fashion savvy to the world of scrubs -- and thank God for that, eh? You can never have too much sassy in the workplace, I say. Even if it's a hospital. The following scrubs tops are the perfect mix of business and pleasure. If these had existed back when I had to wear scrubs, I'd have bought them up by the dozen. And I'd probably still be wearing them for jammies today or just lounging about the house -- don't forget, you can always buy a pair for hanging about! Well-worn scrubs are extremely comfortable!

Baby Phat Leopard Mock Wrap

I really like the layering here, and I even like the leopard print (not normally a fan of animal prints, you know). But I have to be honest and say that this style will look better with women of color; be they black, Hispanic or Asian.

Why? I'll be even more honest and just say that I don't think too many white women could pull it off without looking like they just left the trailer park. Call me what you will, that's just how I see it.

Baby Phat Signature V Neck

That's quite a bright shade of blue, isn't it? The top is tailored in at the waist and you can see the kitty logo on the side there. If you're looking for a fashionable pair of standard scrubs, this is probably for you. You shouldn't get any frowns from your HN/CN and you're sure to brighten up the ward!

Of course, it comes in a number of colors, so if you want to stick to those dull colors that have been around for eons and eons, that's a possibility as well.

Baby Phat Bling V Neck

Here you can see the tapered waist from another angle -- looks good, doesn't it? Regular scrubs can really swallow a woman's figure up, making you like a giant blob walking down the hall.

These scrubs are fabulous at giving you back your curves. And look at the design; it's gorgeous!

(Comes in several other patterns, too.)

Baby Phat Signature Mock Wrap

The mock wrap top is pretty fabulous, in my opinion. It's trendy, it's sleek, and it's (gasp) sexy.

Nurses *are* supposed to be sexy, aren't they? Men seem to think so! And they will definitely check you out if you pass them while wearing one of these.

Comes in a number of colors/trims and they are all of them gorgeous!

Baby Phat Diva Top

We all know a diva or two, don't we? There's one on every floor. You know who I'm talking about; the one who needs to wear XXL gloves just so's her 4 inch nails can fit! Her hair's always perfect, even at the end of her shift, and she always manages to find scrubs that look good on her.

Well, now you can do like she does -- this top will turn almost anyone into a diva.


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