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Babyliss Easy Cut For Men Review

Updated on May 14, 2013

The thing to remember when asking whether or not the Babyliss Easy Cut For Men is an over-hyped piece of junk or not is the fact that there is now more than one version of this particular product. When it was first released there was a lot of hype around the product launch, and it received a number of negative reviews. Partly, this was because people were trying to use it the same way you would need use a normal pair of clippers, and it simply doesn't work like that.

If you watch some of the videos at the bottom of this article, you'll see what I'm talking about. I've tried this on my husband, and he has tried using himself, and it is actually easier to use than a normal pair of clippers, but the problem of low battery life remains the major issue. It charges up just fine the first five or six times, but once you use it a few times the battery will not hold a charge, which leads me to my next point – that Babyliss have since released a second version, which is supposed to address the problem although it is much more expensive.

To be perfectly honest – you are far better off using a normal pair of clippers, unless you really can't manage to find a way of getting to the back of your head with the usual type of clippers.

I think the new version is far better than the old version, and we've used it several times now, and it's holding its charge just fine. The new model number is called the "Babyliss 7545u Easy Cut V2 Hair Clipper And Trimmer For Men," and should not be mistaken for the original version, which is called the "Babyliss Pro BPEC1 Mens Easy Cut Cordless Shaver," the thing to look out for is the V2. Having said that – the V2 costs $125, when the original version only costs less than $50, so that's a good clue.

I think the first version was indeed an over-hyped piece of junk, but Babyliss seem to have taken care of the issues. I would absolutely not recommend the first version, but – if you are looking for a hair clipper you can use yourself, and you satisfy the following, I suggest you go and buy the V2.

As long as you:

  1. Have trouble using normal clippers
  2. Only ever cut your hair very short
  3. Have no one else to cut your hair
  4. Have $125 to spare

Then go ahead and buy the V2.

This is how to use it

Most annoying product review ever?

Second most annoying product review ever?

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