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Back Support Bra – Why Does It Need To Fit Right

Updated on December 1, 2012

Getting it Right

Getting it Right

The most common job for women today is on office desks, so it is also common for them to develop bad posture, making them look sluggish. The bad posture can also turn into back, neck and shoulder pains. This is one reason why the back support bras are developed – to correct the issues about poor posture and back pains.

Functions of a Back Support Bra

The bra style that you can ideally use to control your posture, keep your head high and your back straight is none other than the back support bra. This is mostly not under wired, but rather has an X-shaped back reinforcement to encourage you to always be in the correct posture all throughout your day. Sometimes also called a posture support bra, this type can also be used after surgery because of comfortable fit and wide ergonomic straps.

More Functional Than Fashionable

Back support bras perform a distinctive function, so they are less of a fashionable item. However, they can be made of different comfortable materials, including satin or lace. As already mentioned, it has criss-cross back reinforcement band with breathable mesh back to provide the maximum support. The wide back wings will not get you embarrassed by your fat back bulges, because it will prevent bulging lines to show. Under the cups is a supportive elastic and the straps are wide for additional comfort.

The Key Features

  • Back support bras have wireless soft cups that provide extreme comfort to your breasts.
  • Smooth elastic below the cups offer high support.
  • Contour is for high and wide coverage.
  • Adjustable, ergonomic straps.
  • Back reinforcement, X-shaped, to correct your posture and support your back.
  • Closure is at front, to provide proper fit and grip.

Why A Perfect Fit Is Important

In order for a back support bra to function well and provide the comfort and support that you need, it should first and foremost be of a perfect fit. If your back band is too loose and not quite right, your bra will be pulled down in your front by the weight of your breasts, so the bra back will ride up. You may try to tighten the straps in an attempt to lend support to your chest, but this can prove to be uncomfortable, besides leaving red marks on your shoulder.

If you have bra cups that are too small, your breasts will rub with each other and get sweaty and hot. And besides, the boobs may bulge over the cup tops.

How To Get The Exact Fit

If you want to buy a support bra for your back and would like to know your exact measurement, it is ideal to have yourself fitted by a professional. However, you can take your own measurements yourself. The bra that you wear while measuring should be comfortable and not padded. Keep relaxed and stand up right. For the right directions, check out many websites on the Internet. Most of them offer instructions on how you can measure yourself for a right fitting bra.

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    • dailytop10 profile image


      5 years ago from Davao City

      Choosing a bra that fits best is probably one of the most daunting task for women..hahah Thank you for sharing this hub. I learned a lot from it. Have a great day!


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