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Back To School Outfits for Teens

Updated on March 4, 2016

Get Top Marks for Style

From choosing the right backpack down to what's on your tootsies - every teen wants to look great on their first day back after the holidays. The key is to choose a style that you are comfortable with and lets your personality shine through.

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1) Tribal Prints + Color

Fun printed leggings teamed with a bright top are a fun way to bounce back to class. Team with a snuggly pair of boots so that you can keep nice and toasty.

2) Shorts and Tee

Just because summer is over, doesn't mean you have to throw away those shorts. Instead team them with tights or leggings and complete the look with a cardigan.

3) Style Anchor

Anchor prints are so classy and make a great style statement. Sport an anchor top with a pair of jeans and some trainers for that fuss free just got off a yacht look.

4) Casual Cool

Never underestimate the power of funky accessories like bows and shades. Team the outfit you choose with a funky pair of flats.

5) Slogan Tops

Slogan tops are great for those who want to make an edgy statement. You can choose from a multitude but make sure it doesn't say anything rude as that could land you in a lot of trouble!

6) White Jeans

Again, just because summer is over, it doesn't mean you have to wave goodbye to them. Pair them with more autumnal colors such as grey or beige.

7) Khaki Palette

Greens and browns are perfect colors for fall. A green hooded jacket and brown eyeshadows really make this look.

8) Pink & Girly

If you love pink but don't want to go overboard, break it up by wearing a cute pair of denims.

9) Shades of Grey

Greys work lovely with a pair of jeans. Especially if you find a funky pair of trainers to top the outfit off with.

10) True Blue

How cute is this ensemble? Turquoise is a great color to wear in fall as it perks you up and looks great with most skin complexions.


11) Pink Floyd

Pink Flyod - because you will look super cool in this. Plus its a great excuse to get your pink and purple on.

Aztec Style | Cute Outfits for Teen Girls for School
Aztec Style | Cute Outfits for Teen Girls for School

12 ) Aztec Style

Team a pair of aztec print leggings with a cream sweater to keep comfortable and look cool. You can pick out a color from the leggings and buy a scarf in that color.

Wild Floral | Cute Outfits for Teen Girls for School
Wild Floral | Cute Outfits for Teen Girls for School

13) Wild Floral

Get the spring back into your step by donning a funky pair of floral trousers. If you don't want to look overly girly, try teaming them with a khaki colored oversized shirt.


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      Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by, I love nautical stuff too!

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      The anchor outfit is especially cute.