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What to Wear: Back to School for The Fall Season

Updated on August 30, 2016

What Are We Working With?

Instead of spending on a shopping trip, start from your closet and ask yourself these questions...

  1. What can we throw away? (Anything too small, non-flattering, over worn/faded)
  2. What items do we have, that have nothing to be paired with? (Ex. a tube top you can only wear with nude bra,but don't have a nude bra, a pair of high waist shorts that need a crop top that doesn't cover them, or the pair of jeans you love, but just never find the right shirt for!
  3. Most importantly, what can we donate that we don't need.

*From Q.1 & 2, you will find out what you need to buy, as well as not overspend at the mall.

Quick Tip: Avoid buying one piece articles that aren't paired with anything else. When you are in the store choose a shirt that pairs with a nice pair of skinny jeans or a skirt that you know you can always lean on when you pick up the shirt.

Know What You Need

School starts in the fall season, knowing this, you will know what to base your purchases on depending on your location.

I live in San Diego, so it is much needed in September to still have some shorts around. A cute outfit for me would be a casual blazer that is quarter sleeve, and a nice blouse to pair it with some shorts that go well together. The color scheme would be bright and fresh and not to dark. I tend to lean towards neutrals and black like every girl, but for summer it is needed to give the dark colors a break!

Online Therapy ;)

Where do we find our steals!

Some stores that have come to the limelight online are very cute girly clothes. On Instagram alone I have seen multiple stores show off similar products. The main thing to look for is price and reviews! Its important to read reviews on how people receive their items and especially how they fit on people models. (Has a back to school sale as well as good prices. They offer a discount as a new member) (They have the chic-EST clothing and most modern.They also offer a 10% discount when you sign up for email updates. Definitely a big price change from fashion nova) (Their style is very cute! Offer a 20% discount on their site when you register and prices vary from different outfits) (Love their styles because it covers all fashions and they also offer 10% off new members. I heard about this site through Carli Bybel vlog) (Offering 25% off right now! Prices are affordable and styles are cute. This is only a shoe site for now.) (Have a whole site of amazing cheap clothes,shoes, and beauty products,but they don't always come as they are modeled on site and it takes about 2 months because of their shipping regulations.)


Starting off the year, you should definitely invest in these basics, if you haven't already. When I say basics I mean having clothes and accessories that you can make a outfit of almost immediately by adding a detail.

My 5 must-haves for this fall are...

1. My black jeggings that I combine with boots or heeled booties to complete the look. This must-have is by far the most comfortable for the Fall season when it starts getting chilly. They sell them in many colors as well.

2.Cute dainty necklaces. When you have simple accessories to dress up a simple shirt or a plain dress it shows people you put in effort that morning to be presentable. As a woman earning her degree you should always be presentable-no excuses! No PJs to school ... A great place for dainty necklaces is on the website

3.A cute book bag/purse that you don't mind getting dirty when you're forced to leave it on floor in classroom.Better yet-a purse that can easily be cleaned! I choose a neutral or black bag for every semester.

4.A casual denim jacket. A easy throw on for when you don't want to leave the house in a revealing shirt or for when you wanna throw something on to compliment the neutral colors you are wearing.

5.A scarf, that isn't a heavy material this way it can be worn with a plain shirt or a short sleeve. I wear a scarf with those jeggings on colder days. Complete outfit is complete when you add some cute booties!


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