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Bad Habits that damages your hair

Updated on February 18, 2015

Damaged Hair


Bad Habits that damages your hair

A lot of us women and men for some obsess about the looks and texture of our skin. Either how we want it smoother, fairer or darker, but when it comes to our hair, how many of us really care about it? Well who doesn't want shiny, lustrous, straight, bouncy hair? Many people abuse their hair by doing various methods that eventually harm every strand and may lead to bad hair days you've always wanted to avoid. So what’s causing them? Below are the lists of things you do that damage your hair. If you are confident enough to say that your strands are strong, then just disregard this one and go on with your routine but if you got a weak one, please save your hair from the following habits.


Brushing your hair back into a ponytail regularly may stress the strands and can cause breakage if you ponytail them too tight. Same as when you tie your hair back with a headband or a scarf may cause real damage to your edges when you do it constantly. Although we find these styles simple and clean, I recommend you not to wear them all the time to avoid serious damage.

Hot Shower

Washing with hot water is a bad choice not only for skin but also for hair as it rinses away the natural oils and makes your color treated hair fade fast. This method is good only for deep conditioning your hair once in a while but avoid doing this in a regular basis since heat will open up the hair shaft. If you have done it before or if you insist to continue, then just do not forget to put leave on conditioner on your hair, this way you might be able to protect hair from great damage.

Tying your hair with elastic

When I was in grade school and high school, I used to tie my hair with elastic and I tell you, the moment I saw my hair got rubberized as I remove the elastic, my hair strands breaks when pulled to tightly. If you still insist to continue it, just use the best type of elastic covered with fabric. Tie them loose, anything too tight can cause damage to your hair.

Blow Dryer

Blow drying your hair everyday may lead to serious damage. When your hair is wet, the heat from the blow drying causes the hair to become stress and breaks easily as the water form into bubbles which may lead to split ends and frizzy.

Inculcating hair with too many chemicals

Yes girls, we've been there done that and we can’t help it right? We know the fact that hair coloring, re bonding, perming, bleaching, and relaxing make us look good over and above but behind those self-fulfillment feeling is our hair that says, “Stop it! I've had enough”. My hair used to be curly and unruly before, but when I had it straightened, I was amazed on how it looks good to me. Not until after few months and my hair begin to grow the curly part thus, I have to repeat the process of relaxing or re bonding it until it became my routine every 6 months. Now, my hair starts to dry, frizz and breaks easily. Take it from the expert, lol. But I can’t promise to stop re bonding them since it is the only way to make me look better with my hair down and behave. We just need to put a lot of conditioner everyday and hair spa once in a while.


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