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Bags for Men - What's out there?

Updated on August 19, 2012

Men, like their female counterparts, have understood the importance of carrying things such as mobiles, laptops, keys and wallets, with them in style. Hence men’s accessories section has developed on their existing range of men’s bags including leather bags. There is at least one bag out there to fit every style of dressing and age. Even the current designers are creating a plethora of choices in men’s bags range. So the next time you strap on a leather tote you don’t have to worry that your manhood image may be compromised.

Types of Bags for Men:

Messenger Bags

These bags are styled the way erstwhile bicycle messengers carried with them. It has a lengthy shoulder strap fixed to the bag that is worn across the body in a true messenger style, while the bag hangs on one side. A large flap in the front helps keep the bag closed and can be closed with buckles or Velcro or other similar fasteners. Some messenger bags are fixed with reflectors and reflective strips.

Messenger style bags are made from various materials like nylon, PVC, and cotton canvas. Some fashionable ones are even made from silk and velvet. These bags are hip, casual and trendy, all at the same time. Also as they wear out, they look cooler. With enough room space to hold almost anything, the messenger style bag is absolutely ageless and is favored by teens and adults alike. Almost every designer house has at least one line of messenger bags, including names like Gucci, Prada, Diesel and Juicy Couture.

In the US this style is more common as Newsboy Bag and is synonymous with casual wear. The exterior of the bags is mainly made from canvas giving it the casual look and feel.

Camera Bags

These types of bags suit the traveler lot most. It is used more as a carrying case for cameras and other lightweight items on travel expeditions. Some designs such as the Tumbled leather bag by Banana Republic comes with a hip strap and organizational outer sleeve that gives the bag a masculine look.


This style has been forever an absolute masculine design. Especially made for the professional people, the classic black briefcase in leather which has structured sleek lines lends a refined look to the suit wearing white-collar. Some briefcases also have a front gusset organizer, removable shoulder straps and rear open compartments.

Leather Bags

Almost any kind of bags for men can be made out of leather. These include totes, briefcases, handbags and even gym bags. Leather lends an air of masculinity to the bags and has always been a favorite with men. With proper care leather can easily last a lifetime and since men’s bags style does not undergo radical changes, this makes a sensible choice.

A large leather laptop briefcase has many advantages. Apart from holding the laptop safely, this also serves the dual purpose of a briefcase and caters in the same terms. It is quite popular with the regular office-goers.

Some of the other styles of men’s bags are duffel bag (that doubles up as gym bag), hold-all (which particularly suits the traveling professional), leather suit bags (where you can carry individual suits packed neatly to avoid the hassles of ironing just before the conference) and many more.


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    • tomerr profile image

      tomerr 8 years ago from Far Far Away...

      Well noted Jim, thanks! These reasons by the way, are exactly why I wrote this hub. Had the same problems my self before I started with bags : )

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 8 years ago from ma

      Women have an unimaginable list of options for carrying stuff while us guys seem to be left out in the cold. I tend to wear cargo pants when I need to carry stuff like my camera and then a few small things. When I need to bring more I usually take my back pack that is usually bigger than I need. So thanks for the great bag suggestions.