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Ballerina Flats Declared Cutest Shoes Ever

Updated on January 5, 2011

Combining traditional femininity with actual comfort, ballerina flats are the unsung heroes of the women's shoe world. They don't get nearly enough credit for what they do. Fortunately for the ballerina flat and women the world over, it's looking as if they will very much be making one of those vengeful fashion comebacks this year, although their vengeance will probably be limited to making your feet feel really, really good.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballet Flat

We begin this rather animalistic collection with the cutest little ballet flat I've ever seen in my entire life. As you can probably tell by looking with your eyes, the toes of these ballet flats have been constructed to look vaguely mouse like in appearance. How adorable! You should definitely buy them. All other women will be jealous of you and men will regard you as both fashionable and whimsical, a most sought after mix of traits. There's even a hint of a little stitched tail on the heel of the shoe. Aww!

Lanvin Classic Ballerina Flat

The Lanvin classic ballerina flat is a most excellent way to spend almost $500 on a relatively small amount of shoe leather. In looking for reasons to justify the price of this flat, I could only determine that it's so expensive because it is made of buffalo leather. Buffalo used to be an endangered species, but are no longer considered endangered because there are now over 35.000 of them. Wearing a portion of a buffalo on your feet is therefore probably only mildly objectionable behavior, which is why Lanvin can charge so much for the privilege.

Pedro Garcia Python Ballerina Flat

Continuing the moral banktruptcy in the name of fashion is this Pedro Garcia Python ballerina flat that will set you back almost $600 and appears to actually have been made from the skin of a python, presumably a python that still rather wanted the use of its own skin at the time when Pedro decided that it would make a nice pair of shoes.

Jette Bow-Detail Ballerina Flat

Only cows were killed in the production of this ballerina flat, which makes it somehow a great deal more socially acceptable. Cows like being food and shoes, I heard. At any rate, this shoe is a) red and b) has a cute bow, which makes it undeniably worth the cow sacrifice. Honor the bovine who died for your sins by looking pretty every time you step out in these dance inspired ballet flats.


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