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Ballroom Dance Shoes From Capezio - With The Suede Heel.

Updated on June 5, 2012

Capezio - Ballroom Dance Shoes Since 1887

Ballroom dance shoes are specially made so the wearer can be sure on their feet while dancing, and naturally turn in a beautiful performance. Dancers need shoes to be both sturdy and supportive, so they can dance beautifully without the risk of stumbling.

Dancers from all over the world buy their shoes from Capezio - and ballroom dancers are especially fond of them. Capezio's first shop opened in 1887, over the road from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. It's a testament to the quality of the product that the firm has been going so long.

Strictly Ballroom

Ballroom dancing. See, they knew how to dance back then.
Ballroom dancing. See, they knew how to dance back then. | Source

Salvatore Capezio

Salvatore Capezio was born in Italy in 1871. Rather than follow his father's career as a construction engineer, he became a cobbler, and in 1887, while still a boy, opened his shop on Broadway and 39th. It turned into a meeting place for dancers, and, as his popularity grew, dancers from around the world made a point of visiting Capezio to buy his shoes. The innovation of the products Salvatore Capezio made, and the fellowship he shared with the dancers, moulded the company. The Capezio brand became synonymous with dance.

Different Styles And Colours

Dancers also need a shoe that looks good, and the ballroom dance shoes made by Capezio are not only comfortable, supportive and well-made, but also come in many different styles and colors.

Which matters a lot, because one pair of shoes can't match every dance and outfit. Capezio has the style of shoe dancers look for, whether in men's or women's styles, in a wide variety, open toed or closed, and from one and a half to two inch heel heights.

One of the most important features of a ballroom dance shoe is that the heels are covered in suede, which is the ideal material to give grip on hardwood floors. Rubber covered heels offer too much friction and can stick to the dance floor, while leather covered shoe heels are too slippery. Typically, skinny heels are better for dances with lots of twists and turns, while flared heels provide more stability.

Capezio Women's 700 T-Strap Character Shoe

See Amazon listing below for availability.
See Amazon listing below for availability. | Source

Capezio Women's 700 T-Strap Character Shoe

The photograph shows the Capezio women's 700 T-strap character shoe. The upper is made from quality, full grain leather, which is supple and soft, while the padded insole is lined with moisture absorbent brushed microfiber. The shoes have a scored leather sole that glides easily, but is cross-hatched on the bottom for traction and grip.

The two inch heel looks elegant, without affecting balance. And the fit is the same as a street shoe size, making ordering easy.

If you want to use these as street shoes, take them to a cobbler. It could be a wise investment, since they are really pretty shoes that go with everything from summer skirts to party dresses, and don't cost a fortune.

Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance One Inch Heel Shoe

See Amazon listing below for availability.
See Amazon listing below for availability. | Source

Capezio Men's SD103 Social Dance One Inch Heel Shoe

Looking for a man's shoe, perhaps? The Capezio men's SD103 social dance one inch heel shoe fits the bill. It comes with a soft, supple, and durable PU upper, full suede outsole, and a shock-absorbent sponge insole and heel. The strong heel counter ensures maximum ankle support.

USA Dance Nationals 2011 - Adult Champ Standard - Tango Final (Kamil Nieroda & Gemma Arnold)

Order On-Line

I'd like to see Steven Seagal ballroom dancing. I bet he'd throw them all over the place. You know you have those random thoughts you probably shouldn't say out loud? That was one of mine.

Thinking of buying a pair of dance shoes? If you try some on, make sure any straps and buckles don't dig into your skin or cause discomfort. The shoes should also provide ample padding and heel support.

When you've bought them, take good care of your dance shoes. Don't wear them for anything but dancing. Find a cobbler who specializes in repairing them.

Whether your favourite dance style is Salsa or Latin, if you're looking for a new pair of ballroom dance shoes, you can order Capezio shoes on-line. Not only will you save time, but you'll also save money as most on-line vendors sell their Capezio inventory for less than main street retailers can.

Dance Shoes From Capezio, As Featured Above

Capezio Women's T-Strap Character Shoe,Black,6.5 W US
Capezio Women's T-Strap Character Shoe,Black,6.5 W US

A classically elegant ballroom shoe from Capezio. The smooth leather shoe has a T-strap with an adjustable buckle for a custom fit.



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